A New Costume for the Doctor!

I offered to help my cousin and her husband with their Halloween costumes if need be. They took me up on my offer a couple of weeks ago. Mostly, it was her husband. He loves to have costumes that are more original. A few years back he was Jack in the Box, big round head an’ all. They had a lot of fun visiting all the local fast food places on Halloween. People thought it was funny to see that Jack eating at Burger King and Wendy’s. They said one employee at Jack in the Box walked past him saying “Hi boss.”. Kids really got a kick out of it!

Fast forward to this year.

My cousin’s husband is a doctor, a podiatrist.

I had no idea of what he had in mind, maybe a little sewing? …no?

He brought me a picture of them posing with a guy dressed as the Lamisil Digger! Um, yeah, the toe fungus guy.

I love a challenge, I think.

This is the papier-mache head almost done. I’ve done lots of pinatas in the past. It felt like doing another giant one! I know, I should have taken more pictures along the way.

They both came over yesterday and helped me finish him up.

For the rest of the outfit I sewed sweatpants, a sweatshirt and a tail, all with spots glued on the back. He bought some creepy feet and gloves to wear too.

I love this. So do they. He’s already talking about the next costume!

I’m going to miss this big orange head taking up all that room on my dining table.

–  Tina


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12 responses to “A New Costume for the Doctor!

  1. marni

    Humungus fungus among us!! and he’s awesome as we have learned to expect from you.

  2. Love the costume, fantastic. We don’t do Halloween here like you guys do, but I do like the fun that comes from it 🙂

    • Thank you M,B & Coffee Lover! I think more and more adults are dressing up.
      He blames his wanting to dress up on me, I just found out, because of my kids having theme parties. I always encouraged everyone to dress up. He looked forward to them and participated. He’s a good sport and a lot of fun. Wow, I just realized that’s at least 15 years worth x 3 kids!

  3. ~applause~ You did an awesome job. Gotta love the choice he made, it’s perfect. 😉
    I think it’s so sweet of you to do this your kinfolk. You have a really good heart. 🙂

  4. Deb

    You did a great job Tina. The eyebrows give so much expression to the face.
    Maybe you could take custom orders…for next year.

  5. Wow! You are a costumer also. You could have a new job doing that! He is really cool. He needs to wear the costume the next time the Lamisil rep comes in his office…He should get some money for advertising…Then give some to you..

  6. LOL! Riiiiight…I need another job.

  7. You are so talented Tina,
    This is incredible and I am LMAO!!
    well done!!

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