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How Is Everybody?

Hi All!  I have been living life.  Not doing a whole lot of art lately.  Unfortunately.  I did before a church retreat, but then nothing since.  I have lots of ideas, but life keeps getting in the way.  Bad excuse I know.   I have to get some Bottles of Hope done before Tuesday’s meeting along with finishing up some fair pins.  The San Diego Fair started yesterday.  The San Diego Polymer Clay Guild will be demonstrating in Home and Hobby on several weekends.  I will be there next saturday.  I love doing that.  It is a lot of fun.  Drop by if you are at the fair.  The theme for the fair is out of this world.  Which is very different.  I will be interested with what they have come up with….

 I am enspired by other neat things.  I have been checking out some changes in diet.  Marie Segal is trying out an all Raw food way of life.  She was doing Gluten free.  I applaude her.  Tina Goodrich keeps doing her art and her daughter is graduating from high school.  Go Tina!

Our Guild has a Round Robin event coming up in August so I am part of the committee to get that a going.  I am teaching a class.  So I should have things to show you soon.

Sorry for my long absence.  I miss you all.  -K

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Busy Making BOH

The guild got the word that Moores Cancer Center ran out of Bottles of Hope! Yikes! So, I’ve been busy trying to concentrate on those. I like to make a variety so they have a choice. This time I have some that have canes, faux ivory, wire work, some rubber stamping and sculpted designs. Some are antiqued with acrylic paint.  Here is my batch so far. Marie Segal of Art From My Heart has a batch too. Last I heard she has 10! How she got to make that many I don’t even know, little Madi keeps her busy enough! 

Now I’ve challenged myself to see how many more I can make before we deliver them! Gotta go! – T


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