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A Polymer Clay Quilt Cane

I was asked if I could make polymer clay quilt jewelry. Naturally, I said yes…without thinking. I thought to myself it’s just a square cane done in a quilt pattern. The bad thing was she gave me way too much freedom. Arrgh, brain cramp. I would have done better if she would have given me certain colors or a style. I took forever to decide on a pattern. Colors were another hurdle. Jewelry colors are not my strong point at all!


So, I went with all the colors. Ok, ok, a lot of colors. Hey, it’s sure to match with something. I’m doing the nine-patch straight out of the book “Adapting Quilt Patterns to Polymer Clay” by Judith Skinner and Sarajane Helm. After that I will branch out on my own!  …if I have any clay left. So far this is what I have.  – T 



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Combined Zentangle Pendant 1

This is one of the pendants that I made with the 6 canes that the SDPCG members put together.  I like how it came out.  It is definitely one of a kind.  I might get a pair of matching earring, but that is all.  It gives me a little bit the impression of a pomegranate for some reason. One thing I learned is that it is a good idea to make the initial canes with larger contrasting areas, because they become very small when combined in this manner.  So you get lots of miniature patterns.   I want to do more black and white, but I have some quite colorful canes  started on my workspace today!  -K

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More Black and White Stuff!

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Speaking again of Zentagle canes. 

 I have been using my cane section to make several pendants. 

Sorry my photography is not the best.  I think I might have to get my eye checked. 

 It is a bit of luck to get a good shot recently…

 There are lots of swirls going on.  I need to figure out how I really want to string them. 

I am thinking of maybe using some wire especially on the first one.  It is always an adventure.  -K


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Oops, Derp.

Someone asked me if I could make some pink hearts the other day, so I did. Funny, it felt like I was playing with bubble gum. Pepto is too liquidy. Anyway, toodling along making hearts and from time to time getting interrupted by “mom” duties(man, I need to buy more frozen dinners!). Back to the hearts – I baked them, antiqued them, varnished if needed and let them dry. Then this morning took pictures so I could put them up on Etsy. Loaded the pictures on the computer, started to edit and noticed … 

No, this picture is not flipped/mirrored. The silly thing is I thought “oh, it’s backwards because I’m not wearing my glasses”.  As if that would fix it!

Maybe this heart pendant will be worth more when I’m famous….Ha!

You want to see the front? It’s in my Etsy Shop! – T


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My Polymer Clay Items in Treasuries

In the past couple of days some stuff in my Etsy Shop has been in quite a few treasuries! Wow, how lucky am I?!

Check them out if you like –

Can you find which item is mine in each treasury? – T


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Clean Work Surface!

A space to work!

The last two days a friend and I have been pulling out all the different containers I had of clay and baked beads and unfinished projects.  It is still not complete.  But I do have a clean work surface!  I have a couple of pieces that I started for my next project.  I cannot believe how much stuff I had stuffed here and there.  It will be so nice to start a project and know exactly where to find the tools and findings I need to complete it.  I could not have done it with out Heidi’s help.  Thanks a bunch Heidi!  Don’t forget to come back and help me finish….I hate throwing stuff out and she helps me let go of things.  So if you need a certain item I probably have it and could even find it for you!  Whether it be beads or sanding and buffing.  I have all my paints and inks together.  All of the different findings for jewelry or other accesories. I probably have it!  I have all the canes together and all the texture sheets. All the clay is organized by colors. Boy will I be able to produce from now on.  If Mz Defiance doesn’t try any new moves….-K


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Mz. Defiance

Finished -at last!

Its only taken 11 months, but I finally finished Mz. Defiance.  I started her last year in Feb. at Maureen Carlson’s Stacked Doll class.  I loved the class and have made other dolls since then, but she was never quite finished.  Her arms were not attached and she was never antiqued.  One of the fun things about the dolls is that you can restack the components.  I did not like the rack that I had made for her.  So I took it off and substituted something else.  It feels good to finally have her finished.  I pray it is a symbol to myself to stop being defiant with my art and other things in my life.  As we start a new year I will go forth and concur!  -K


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Who Is That?

I don’t know what all the fuss is all about with… moustaches? They are everywhere. Why? I see them on necklaces, keychains, magnets, on a stick and even on binkies! I made a moustache necklace for one of my daughters friends and then made another one to sell. I had too, it looked like fun. My daughter says this is her friends favorite actor. James looks great, don’t you think?

I dunno I think Reese looks great with a stache too!

…the nerve…   – T


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Purple Pendant

Purple Pendant
Pendant with extruded clay and dangles

 This is a pendant I made using clay extruded from the Makins extruder.  I then made dangles to hang from the center.  It is strung on wire that I have pounded after shaping into different shapes.  It is very fun to make the different little beads to go with the smaller dangles.  Most of them are made using  just scrapes of clay that have been twisted into cords.  I then form them into a bead.  It is then strung on a 20″ leather cord.  Wahlah!  -K

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Alternatives to “required jewelry”

Medic Alert Bracelets

 I started making some bracelets that work with medicalert tags.

  For the people who need to wear the bracelets due to being a diabetic or other medical conditions,

 these are a great alternative to the plain old silver bracelet.

They are interchangable so you can have different styles for different days!

  These pieces shown do not have any polymer clay beads, but I could definitely make them using clay.

  You could have one for all for every Holiday! 

This is just a few of the possibilities available.

If you need a gift for someone in your life that wears an alert tag- or for yourself,  let me know. 

I would be glad to make something especially for you!  -K


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