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Pictures of work

More Photos from the Shoot!

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I have been a little delayed with posting these shots that Tina and I got during the photo shoot.  It was such a beautiful day!  I hope that you enjoy them.  What would I do with out Tina showing me the ropes.  She has a good eye for picking nice shots.  Thanks Tina.  This is a pair of earring I made using extruded clay.  I like the colors.  -K

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Have You Tried Zentangle?

Several people from the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild have become, should I say involved with Zentangle.  You may not know that you have been doing it for years…  What is it you ask?  Doodling.  Well there are some guidelines out there, but that is a different post!  Several of us decided that we wanted to try a Zentangle Canes with Polymer Clay.  We decided that we would all use Black and White Premo clay.  We were to  make a cane which was approximately 1″ X 1″ and about 3″ long.  We would bring it to the next guild meeting and I would put them together. in one Zentangle Cane.  We ended up with six people taking part in the cane.  We did not have any idea what each other would be making with the clay.  We just hoped that it would all turn out.  It was very fun to see what each of us came up with.  Here they are….

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Each of the six people will now be able to take a portion of the cane and create something from it.  It will be interesting to see what the all come up with.  -K

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Clean Work Surface!

A space to work!

The last two days a friend and I have been pulling out all the different containers I had of clay and baked beads and unfinished projects.  It is still not complete.  But I do have a clean work surface!  I have a couple of pieces that I started for my next project.  I cannot believe how much stuff I had stuffed here and there.  It will be so nice to start a project and know exactly where to find the tools and findings I need to complete it.  I could not have done it with out Heidi’s help.  Thanks a bunch Heidi!  Don’t forget to come back and help me finish….I hate throwing stuff out and she helps me let go of things.  So if you need a certain item I probably have it and could even find it for you!  Whether it be beads or sanding and buffing.  I have all my paints and inks together.  All of the different findings for jewelry or other accesories. I probably have it!  I have all the canes together and all the texture sheets. All the clay is organized by colors. Boy will I be able to produce from now on.  If Mz Defiance doesn’t try any new moves….-K


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Mz. Defiance

Finished -at last!

Its only taken 11 months, but I finally finished Mz. Defiance.  I started her last year in Feb. at Maureen Carlson’s Stacked Doll class.  I loved the class and have made other dolls since then, but she was never quite finished.  Her arms were not attached and she was never antiqued.  One of the fun things about the dolls is that you can restack the components.  I did not like the rack that I had made for her.  So I took it off and substituted something else.  It feels good to finally have her finished.  I pray it is a symbol to myself to stop being defiant with my art and other things in my life.  As we start a new year I will go forth and concur!  -K


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Christmas Cookies….

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We braved the rain to join Tina and Nikki to make Christmas Cookies.  Marie came down joining Jen and I for the trip to the Fun day of Sugar craziness.  Tina had all kinds of wonderful supplies collected so that we could make piles of cookies.  We made Giant Pretzels with white peppermint bark and nuts.  Ritz Mintz which are thin mints without the Girl Scout.  Gingerbread and sugar cookies in every shape and size.  We made Peanuts dipped in chocolate to make yummy peanut cluster bites.  Don’t forget the peppermint bark made with white chocolate and candy canes.    Graham Cracker gingerbread houses made with M & M’s, Dots, chocolate bars and gummy lifesavers.  I know there is more, but I can’t remember.  It could be due to sugar overload…  It was wonderful!

It was all very wonderful.  I was in charge of quality control.  AKA tasting everything….AKA-can you say sugar high-so my daughter said…. Someone had to lick the spoons..  We did finally get lunch about 2:00ish.  It was just as scrumptious as the goodies.  Tina is known for her cooking skills.  She had her house all decorated for Christmas including a wonderful Christmas tree.  Did we take lots of pictures- no we were too busy making cookies.  I think Jen did get a few pictures in the end.  Maybe Tina could add a shot of her tree.  It was a great day of fun and fellowship with good friends. 

We hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season.  God Bless you and your families! K & T

PS-Someone needs to teach these kids about Christmas Music……

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Alternatives to “required jewelry”

Medic Alert Bracelets

 I started making some bracelets that work with medicalert tags.

  For the people who need to wear the bracelets due to being a diabetic or other medical conditions,

 these are a great alternative to the plain old silver bracelet.

They are interchangable so you can have different styles for different days!

  These pieces shown do not have any polymer clay beads, but I could definitely make them using clay.

  You could have one for all for every Holiday! 

This is just a few of the possibilities available.

If you need a gift for someone in your life that wears an alert tag- or for yourself,  let me know. 

I would be glad to make something especially for you!  -K


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What is on My Work Space Today!

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So sometimes I clean off my workspace.  But it usually does not stay that way long.  Here is what it looks like right now.  I have a few more butterflies that I have been messing with.  Then I had to make a tile. I can’t decide how to finish it yet.  I messed with one of the new borders I got a t Sandy Camp a Cabezel.  That is the black one.  If I used that one I would have to cut down the tile… What do you think?  -K


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It’s about Time?

Steampunk Time

Don’t leave your watch laying around or it might end up like this.  In a piece of jewelry.  I usually wait for people to give me old ones or buy the parts outright.  This is a mokume gane technique I used to make this piece.  It can be worn as a pin or a pendant.  -K

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Repurposed Jewelry Part 2


Multilayered Pendant

 This piece is made up with three free swinging pendants in metal.  I placed black clay which had been textured on the back.  I used several Pearl Ex powders to pull in the color of the pendants.  It is definitely different.  I also made some additional pieces which are smaller, so that I can make earrings or other beads to use when stringing this piece. -K


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Polymer Clay and Repurposed Jewelry

Repurposed earring into a Pendant

I have been inspired to repurpose jewelry in to new pieces when combined with clay.  I have found several sets of earrings that I think will make fun pendant pieces.  The trick is trying to figure out just the right combination.  In this piece I have some gold clay which has the mica in it.  It looks almost like leather.  I know that I have had the piece made for several years.  I love the shape.  But had not done anything with it until I saw this earring piece.  I backed it with black clay and placed the earring in the center.  I really like the end result. -K


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