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I Hate Doing the Socks!

It’s no secret at my house. When doing the laundry, I hate doing the socks! Right now as I am writing this there is a pile on my bed. Clean? Yes. There are 5 people living here, with 2 feet each. Makes 10 socks each day, that’s a lot. Then there are those random ones you can find throughout the house. Thank God it’s only socks.

I have a feeling my hostility toward sorting the socks comes from needing glasses now. The poor lighting in my room doesn’t help. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, more than 3/4 of the socks are black.

So, when I can’t take the mess anymore, I ask for help in a grouchy way. Left to their own devices, everyone picks out their pair for the day. :/    A few weeks ago, I asked Nikki to do them around noonish. It was now 10 or 11…pm, tired and tired of excuses. When saying goodnight, I mentioned to her that she had all day and didn’t do them. She got out of bed and did them. I didn’t know she did until she came out to tell me. I felt kinda bad, but grateful. After saying good night again, she kept asking when I was going to bed. Finally, I went to bed…


I ❤ U too Nikki.

Love, Tina aka Mom



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Fresh Cherry Pie!

 I am enjoying my time in Montana on the homestead.  I got to pick cherries for Aunt Tam to make fresh apple pie.  The cherries looked so pretty on the trees.  I had to take some pictures.  The pie was oh so yummy.  Sunday morning we also got to have Aunt Tam’s “Awful Waffles” – Awful Good Waffles, that is…  So we have fabulous scenery and scrumptuous food.  Fresh fruit and veggies from the garden.  What more could you ask for?  Maybe a few less mosquitoes. 

You can check out Tina’s fabulous fruit corsage pins on her etsy site  They look good enough to eat!  -K


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The Versatile Blogger Award!


Wow !  Thanks a bunch E.C.  Look what we got a “Versatile Blogger Award”!  That is very nice for you to think of us.  We like making stuff up and posting it for the world to see, or at least those of you who read our blog.

We are supposed to post 7 Random facts about us.

1. I have kissed my cat on the lips.  – Tina

2. I will cry watching sad movies even if they are animated. – Tina

3. I am a chronic license plate reader. It will bug me if I can’t figure that personalized one out. – Tina

4. I Would like to know why people think holding their cell phones away from their ears while driving  think it is using their phone “Hands Free”? – Kelly

5. I sometimes find myself getting excited by thinking I can have certain foods, cus I am now an adult and I don’t have to have my Mom’s permission. – Kelly

6. I grew up in Wyoming.  We all thought it was the Midwest.  But since I move to California, Wyoming is not considered the midwest. – Kelly

7. Blogging helps keep us on our toes! – Kelly and Tina

Thanks for giving us this award E.C.  We appreciate it!

Check out another blog….  We pass the award to:  Charlene  A.Therien  Aka:  CAT  She has a very funny blog and links to all her other fabulous sites.


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Do you ever feel like sometimes you just can’t get in a comfortable position to take a nap? Maybe it’s because we haven’t tried this one.

Sorry this isn’t art or craft related. I just thought you would get a kick out of Fred. I think someone stole his bones! – T


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The New Guy In The Family

Last week while I was watering, I heard a cat jump the fence behind one of the fruit trees. So I chased it out of my yard with the water. Too bad my son Matthew was cleaning the pool at the time…I got him wet too. I tried to explain that there was a cat on the fence behind him. I don’t think he believed me. Laughing we turned around toward the fence…ok, I was the one laughing.  Anyway…the cat was coming back! It was a little kitten! Even though I didn’t get it wet, I still felt bad. I called to it and it actually came to me! Oh my gosh, he was sooo skinny, his hip bones were showing! Yup, we gave him a little snack.

Fred squeezed his way into our hearts and home.

>O.O<  – Tina

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Adventures at the Wild Animal Park!

My Buddy!


Yesterday I got to go to the Wild Animal Park on a field trip for my  daughter’s zoology class.  I have not been there for years so it was wonderful to see the beautiful animals and the all of the foliage.  Of course I was keeping my eyes open for textures.  I had to share these shots Jen took of me with the Lorikeets. For those who may not know, these are beautiful birds that you can feed necture to and they will land on your arm to feed.  The ladies had said that they were not hungry so we may not have any luck.  Well we had no problems and one really liked my hair color or the product I had in it.  He sat on my shoulder for quite some time.  I was fun and a bit scary all at once.  I did not know if he would bite my ear or something.  I escaped without injury from that.  It is a good thing because earlier in the day I managed to turn my ankle and fall.  Leave it to me….-K

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Stop and Smell the Flowers!

My husband Marty and I spent the weekend at a Bed and Breakfast in Julian.  We reunited with friends who we have been going there with for over 15 years.  Lots of good food and fellowship with friends.  Marty and I went for this great hike on Saturday and we enjoyed beautiful wildflowers in all kinds of colors.  The temperature was just right for a good hike.  It is so nice to get out and breath fresh air and I enjoy seeing all the different textures in the plants.  I should have brought some clay for making textures.  I did bring home a seedpod that I have to experiment with so I will keep you posted with what I create with it.  Life happens to fast  don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers! -K


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