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Classes by Marie!

I have been a bit scatter brained lately.  Not really focused on anything in particular.  I have not even told you about the wonderful classes I took from Marie Segal!  I had 2 day chock full of information.  I was able to read through the directions a day or two after the class.  We had so much fun playing in the class.  First of all she was teaching us how to use the amazing clay Cernit.  It has some wonderful qualities.  One day was devoted to the porcelain effects that you can get from it.  I have lots of fun pieces in various stages of completion.  With Marie you just never know what she is going to teach you next.  Some times the simples thing is a big  “awe ha” moment for the class. 

 We started off Saturday with a somewhat intense button making project.  They all turned out great!  We liked it so much several of us traded samples amongst us so we could go home with different examples. We did beads, caning and tassels  using pearl ex and paint and ink.  So if you ever get the opportunity take a class with Marie.  It is sure to inform and entertain!  -K


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Golden Polymer Clay Tile Box

I finished the first box I had started… finally! The other one was sort of like practice, this was a LOT bigger! It took me a longer time than I thought it would. I think because it was going to be mine. I don’t usually make things specifically for me. I don’t exactly know what I’m going to keep in this box, it’s job before it was done was holding tiles and now they are on the outside!


Well, here it is. Painted, inked, glued, pieced, beaded, even a little steampunked, polymer clay embellished box. At the time it didn’t feel like a lot of work. As I sit here thinking about what colors I want to use next, I realize it did take a long time! I better get to making more tiles to cover the other 12 things I just painted fresh! – T


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Polymer Clay Tile Tower

Here it is! The blue-green-purple-ish gold thingy. Ooo, I feel so artistic. I am pleased with how it came out. The colors feel good, a bit of an ocean emotion(?). I don’t have any fish on it. Oh, I do have one seahorse head at the top and some bubbles. I guess that will be my next project!

I think I’m on a roll! If you can call two pieces on a roll. – T


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Decorating With Polymer Clay Tiles

Oh my gosh, I have been having so much fun fussing over my latest projects! I really like making these little tiles and decorating stuff. This one was my first project. I wanted to do something small, I figured there would be a better chance of success. The box has polymer clay feet that match too. I do like how it came out, I’m just not sure if it’s done. I still have a lot of left overs to do more, maybe for other boxes or whatevers…

I have one more tile piece to make then I’ll show you the one you saw me working on in the last tile post. It has lots of blues, green, purple and gold. That will be next time!

I just may cover everything that’s wood in my garage. If  you know me, that’s a lot!  -T


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Piles and Piles of Polymer Clay Tiles!

Remember back in one of our first blog posts I was playing with polymer clay tiles? Well, I’m at it again! I’m working on a piece and thought you’d like to see all the “before” tiles too.

The bottom of the picture is the piece I’m working on. I was trying to get an idea of what fits and what I might need. I like rearranging the tile pieces, it’s a lot like playing with the furniture in Barbie’s play house without all that pink! – T


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Adventures in Nature Part 2

What do you think?

Well I took a break from finishing up Grad Nite decoration to Paint my textures I made the other day.  I love the detail that shows up.  The little weed pods made wonderful impressions.  I want to make more!  I will have to play with how I string them up.  The piece with seeds, I like the opposite side better than the one I had in the original post.  I may add some Pearl Ex powders or Alcohol Inks to bring out more definition.  Or maybe do some specific detailing by hand with a paint brush.  -K

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Ink on Bottles

Watch out!  They’re fresh out of the oven!  I’m up to 5 Bottles of Hope now. A couple with slices of flower canes. Another has bright cutouts on black and white striped cane. Last on the list is the two waiting for embellishment. I’m getting ready for clay day to play. Don’t get me wrong, I will make some there, I am just easily distracted and create very slowwwly.

These are the white bottles in the picture above. Here they are after I got crazy on them. You should see my hands, next time I’ll wear gloves…um yeah, sure. I just dripped, wiped, blotted and pretty much whatevered the alcohol ink on them until I was happy with the look. It’s easy to get carried away, it’s interesting watching the colors interact. Funny thing is the rust color moves out of the way of the stonewashed. Just looking at the bottles you would probably never guess that’s what I used. In person they look more like pottery clay that has been fired. They do need a little something, I’m not sure what. Hmm, maybe a little bit of gold wiped on them? Sort of highlighted a bit? I’ll bring these all to clay day. Well, back to my secret laboratory to create more!  -T


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