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More Bottle Caps To Steampunk

After teaching a few classes at The Bouncing Bead I couldn’t help getting back in the steampunk mood. I’ve made some rings and pendants for my Esty Shop.  Back to silver overlay bottle caps, you know… fancy recycling.

 Notice the little flower swirl in the pendant? I got that from one of Marie’s Etsy Shops – The Hoarder’s Closet. I kinda like that bit of pretty in it.

I thought all bottle cap jewelry was the same until I held other brands at the craft and hobby trade show last January. The ones from the scrapbook companies were really light weight, they almost felt like soda can metal.

I did not buy any.

These are from a jewelry manufacturer, Amate Studios. Big difference, these feel so much sturdier.

It looks like I just can’t get away from purple and blue. I’ll try to force myself to expand my color choices on the next thing I make…really!  – T


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Polymer Clay Purple Steampunk Pendant of Happiness

While I was working on steampunk pendants I wanted to put a little more meaning into this little art piece. Maybe a thought or message. Keeping in mind that with this one I only had one inch square to work in. No way would I be able to rubber stamp any words longer than two letters. This really limits my choices in English.

In my stash of rubber stamps I have a secret weapon. One that will help me convey what good vibes I was concentrating on while making the pendant…muahahaha…Chinese characters!

This one is Happiness. The copper of the finding and purple compliment each other, add the sparkle and shine from the watchworks. I’m good with this.  – T


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A Steampunk Bottle Cap Ring

I really like these bottle cap rings from Amate. They are better quality than just the regular caps from craft store, these are silver overlay and look a lot shinier. Ooo, aah…. There is lots of room in the cap to put lots of goodies too! 

Funny thing, in this picture you can’t even see the resin I used. It’s all the way up to the rim! I may have to break down and buy a UV lamp to cure the resin. I am getting a little burned out on running back and forth outside every time I make something. Or even curing only between 11 – 2 (if I’m lucky). I didn’t realize how much of an angle the sun is in the winter and you can’t cure the UV resin outside in the rain either, huh, go figure. Well, that’s what I get for being such a cheapo.

Off to steampunk more goodies!  – T


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Let Me Show You

Today I think I’m finally back home. It was a long weekend for me, being away and all. I went to CHA (Craft and Hobby Assoc.) Trade Show from early last Saturday to late Monday night! For me, it’s a long time to be away from my family and home. I originally thought I was just going up for a day to help my friend Ellie…HA! As it got closer I found out it was 3 days, 2 nights and at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Plus, I was the one driving!

We were demonstrating what could be done with the products from Amate Studios. Here are a few things I made before we left. It was a lot of fun at the booth showing people from all over the world their findings, glaze and our artwork! Amate Studio’s products made our art look great!

Thank you Armando, Jason and Ellie, I am grateful for having the opportunity and pleasure of working with all of you.  – Tina


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Classes Scheduled!

  I love to teach classes.  Polymer clay is such a fun medium to work with that I think everybody should try it at least once.  It has to have a use in your life.  If you don’t like making things with it then buy something others make with it. 
Name canes

The "bottoms" of items marked with name/initial canes

 To help all of you who would like to be able to mark your creations with your initials or your name I am having classes.  I am also teaching a class on making canes with the extruder.  I love the Makin’s Extruder.  It is easy to clean and fairly easy to use.  That is the green one.  You could just go for weeks messing with different canes you could make with that.  We will start with some basics and move on from there.  Examples of some simple canes I did using the Makin’s extruder are on the post 3/17/09 Extruder Cane/Amate Findings.    



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Extruder Cane/Amate Findings

I received my shipment from Amate Studios.  They make all kind of neat metal shapes you can use with clay and any other item you might want to put in them.  I have not figured out exactly what I want to do with them yet.  I happen to have an extruded cane lying around so I used it to experiment with.  The picture shows a few ideas I was trying.  Nothing is permanent though.  One piece has a Sun Stone in it that I received in exchange for teaching the Miners of the stones how to use polymer clay.  Maybe I will post on that another day.  If you would like to check out Amate’s things www.amatestudios.com 

Design ideas with Amate findings and a extruded cane

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