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Making Birdhouses!

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I have been planning on making Birdhouses for some time now.  We had a bunch of wood pieces left over from trimming the ends off of board when we built our fence.  They are nice boards and I thought that they should not be wasted.  So I decided that I would make some birdhouses and decorate them in some fun ways.

Today Marty and I got them all put together.  We cut all the sections and then did an assembly line to put them together.  I have big plans for the finishing of them.  But for now they are all natural.  I plan on putting wire and beads on them and possibly painting or washing some with a color stain.  I figure I will do as the spirit moves me.  -K



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Little Owls On Etsy

These little birdies are new in my Etsy Shop. They are actually in with the one listed as a necklace WHOO is purple, these are the others available upon request.

I think Nikki did a great job making these owl beads. Yeah, I let her sneek ’em in. She’s trying to make enough money to go to Warped Tour to see her favorite bands. 

I put them on a chain and made the necklaces so, I can put them in my shop. Really good chain I might add, she didn’t like the cheapy stuff. I enjoyed making up necklaces with her, she has her own style. Very cool.  – T


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How About A Polymer Clay Peacock, Please?

Having success in the first request, I got another.

 *side note* Yeah, she bought the flamingo & palm tree and another flamingo pen I made! Woo Hoo!

Back to her next request ~ a peacock. Um, ok. I have seen them at the zoo before. Yikes, all those feathers!!

Here he is before he goes on the pen. Yeah, I am only going with only one feather because I think you should be able to pick up your pen and see what you are writing. I guess I’m funny that way.  – T


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A Pink Flamingo In My Yard

I have a request from someone to make a pink flamingo and palm tree pen. This is my first shot at it.

I’m pretty happy with it. She didn’t give me much detail of what exactly she had in mind. This was in my mind. Only thing is I keep getting more ideas of how this could be done. I may end up with a whole flock!  – T


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Art & Craft Faire Today!

Hey! If you’re in Poway today come check out the Fall Harvest Craft Faire at Stamping Details! Kelly & I and our pal, Marie of Art from My Heart have a booth there! TODAY! We have LOTS of wonderful things you haven’t seen before, many are one of a kind!

Stamping Details

14009 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064

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Pretty Polymer Clay Parrot Pens

I couldn’t think of anymore words that I could stick in the title that begin with the letter P! Oh well.

I have been working on getting my pirate groove on for our up coming polymer clay retreat. The whole family is pretty sure I’ve lost my mind. Pirate stuff has taken over my dinning room along with my clay. I’m working on pirate decorations, pirate clothing, pirate gifts, pirate related clay items to sell…pirate, pirate, pirate! All this while I’m listening to the music from Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. I love the song Davy Jones. It’s the one that starts out with the music box and goes into the pipe organ….muahahaha. Ok, so this post is about what? I got a little side tracked!

Ah yes, I mean…arrgh, I’ve been making parrot pens! Every pirate needs a parrot…pen!


Oops, I guess I burnt this one! Ooo, he looks a little cranky. Arrgh! – T

Now, parrot pens available in my Etsy Shop! 


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No Small Bird Brains Here!

Yeah, I do complain about those *#@! neighborhood cats coming over to poo in my yard. I have two cats in the house now and I don’t like cleaning up more poo than I have to! I also get irritated that they chase all the birds and lizards away. Sorry, I happen to like lizards. They eat bugs, so they are ok in my book. I’ve noticed I haven’t seen a lizard with a tail in a long time. Today there was a bird in the yard with the right idea…

Tennis shoes! Quite stylish too. I think this would help to cruise around the yard quietly. The cats would think they were tracking an elf or fairy. Not so tasty! 

He must have been an early bird, he looked like he was ready to sneak up on them worms! – T

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