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Back To Business

Whew! I got Nikki’s birthday party done. She had a great time with all her funny friends. Apparently, to keep this crowd happy it takes is a pool, noodles, squirt guns, bubbles, glow sticks, stick on moustaches, a couple of sombreros, sour patch gummies, pizza, soda, skateboard keychains, cake and markers to write on the tablecloth. Good times…good times…

We had to use the table that I work on for the party, so now that I have it back I’m back in biz! I’m still into Halloween colors and goodies, getting stuff together to sell.

Why is it always food?   – T


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Alternatives to “required jewelry”

Medic Alert Bracelets

 I started making some bracelets that work with medicalert tags.

  For the people who need to wear the bracelets due to being a diabetic or other medical conditions,

 these are a great alternative to the plain old silver bracelet.

They are interchangable so you can have different styles for different days!

  These pieces shown do not have any polymer clay beads, but I could definitely make them using clay.

  You could have one for all for every Holiday! 

This is just a few of the possibilities available.

If you need a gift for someone in your life that wears an alert tag- or for yourself,  let me know. 

I would be glad to make something especially for you!  -K


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Art & Craft Faire Today!

Hey! If you’re in Poway today come check out the Fall Harvest Craft Faire at Stamping Details! Kelly & I and our pal, Marie of Art from My Heart have a booth there! TODAY! We have LOTS of wonderful things you haven’t seen before, many are one of a kind!

Stamping Details

14009 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064

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Fresh Fruit & Polymer Clay

I am so lucky to have producing fruit trees in my backyard. Right now things are slowing down except for grapefruit…great. How many of those can anyone eat! There is a little fruit, not much, left on the other trees and already there are tiny new fruits growing!  Woo hoo!

This kind of fruit can be worn anytime without going bad, unlike the fruit off the trees. Fashionable? Yes. Tasty? No.  – T

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Mica Shift Beads

Mica Shift Beads

Bracelet using the Mica Beads

It is always fun to see what you can come up with when you work with mica shift.  That is polymer clay that has mica particles in it.  These beads have gold and pearl clay which have the mica particles.  I was trying a few different designs with them.  What happens is the light hits the particles differently that have been disturbed with a texture.  It is very exciting!  I then took the beads and added some wire work and made a bracelet for a friend! She loves gold and really loved the bracelet! -K


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Beaded Bracelet

The other day I felt like playing with my beads, rather than keeping them just a collection. I used to have a subscription to Bead & Button Magazine and have recently let it run out. I figure after getting it for more than 10 years I probably have enough books to be inspired by something in at least one of them! I found this pattern in the June ’09 issue. Now, what kind beads should I use? Since I have been buying beads from the beginning of time, I have a few choices. It was fun digging around again in my little treasures. I really like these square beads, they lay nicely on your wrist. It has more color in person than this picture. It’s more like antique gold round beads with the squares to match. But, when it moves in the sunlight all the colors show up on the squares, blues, purples and a bit of fuchsia. I’m happy with the way this came out.Lately I’ve been wanting to work with gold tones, amber, copper, matching metals and such. I feel like artistically I’m in the wrong season. Maybe I’m ahead of the game, probably not, but we’ll go with that for now. It’s that whole marching to the beat of your own drummer thing I suppose. Personally, I like to create while listening to movie music CD’s. It may not much of a surprise to see that my favorites include Pirates of the Caribbean, Nightmare Before Christmas, Harry Potter and Disney’s Greatest. This might explain a lot. – T


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