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Polymer Clay Quilt Jewelry

I have been working on actually putting jewelry together with the quilt canes I’ve made. Assembling isn’t my favorite part. I do a good job an’ all, I just like doing the clay part better.


I did sell quite a few at the quilt guild meeting. This is good, it supports my creating addiction.

I think I need a larger variety of colors. I really only have this style and the multicolored one. I like having a choice when shopping, I’m sure I’m not the only one!  – T


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Treasure To Be Sure!

Arrgh! Yes, this be treasure for certain! ….and the brooch isn’t bad either!

Um…yeah, back to the post.

 This is the same kind of brooch as the beaded one, in the previous post. Only this time I steampunked it and put a coat of resin over the bits and pieces.

It’s one of the latest items in my Etsy Shop. Stop in Johnny is waiting…    – T


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Photo Shoot

Today I went to Tina’s house to visit, hang out, have lunch and take pictures.  I need to get busy and list some of my finished polymer clay items!  Here is a sneak peek…  

(Don’t look for this to be on sale anytime soon. Even though I did a great job. I will find something else to do and put this off. Heck, I probably won’t even post this, I will find an excuse.)

Oops did I say that out loud!   You know I have that problem with procrastinating…. there is so much stuff to learn.  I liked it better when I just got to make clay things.  I like to share them with other people so I will try and do better at posting here as well as getting them on my Artfire site.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what we are making up. 

Stay Tuned! – K


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It’s about Time?

Steampunk Time

Don’t leave your watch laying around or it might end up like this.  In a piece of jewelry.  I usually wait for people to give me old ones or buy the parts outright.  This is a mokume gane technique I used to make this piece.  It can be worn as a pin or a pendant.  -K

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