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Mt Harding Polymer Clay Cane – Part 1

I have spent several  hours working on this Mt.  I think the problem is I am trying to be to literal with the coloring of the peaks and valleys of the Mountains edges.  Last night I eased up a bit and I think it helped.  I hope to get well into the cane today since my time is short.  We have to be packed up and ready to go Tuesday night.  I really enjoy sculpting the clay even as I am just building the cane.  The pictures show the most important portion of the cane-Mt Harding.  Now I will fill in the rest of the picture with the sky and the foreground.  I hope this takes a lot less time.  I think I will like it.  But you never really know until it is complete.

I will be away from home but I still plan on posting.  I just am not sure of the subject matter.  Stay tuned.  I will take you with us on our big road trip adventure.  I plan on keeping my eyes open for a new subject to sculpt.  I will be drawing because that is something I can do in the car.  I am sure Tina will keep me smiling with her creations.  I love her art.  You just cannot help smiling! -K


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No Clay Today!

I had good intentions today of constructing the cane of Mt Harding in the Mission Mountain Range of Montana.  I had a drawing of what I plan to do.  My daughter was supposed to be sewing while I was working on the clay…

Then my daughter asked that I help her make the book bag that she had bought the supplies for earlier this summer.  She had earned Letters in Choir and Drama this year, but did not want a letterman’s jacket.  So she decided to put them on a bag instead.  So our day began with planning the project out and then going to get the supplies that we needed to finish the project correctly.  I think I have a need to make sure it is done with quality to last since we are taking her to college soon.  I don’t want to send her off with something substandard.  Well it is not quite finished yet, but we are close.  I attached the letters and other award patches before sewing the seams which made that job a lot easier.  So check it out!  I think she will really like the finished product (she agrees).  It should give her years of enjoyment.  But for now we have to go to bed because tomorrow we are going to DISNEYLAND!  We have a date with Minnie and Friends for breakfast. We will let you know about that in a day or two.  -K

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Fun with Polymer Beads!

Beads from Scraps!

I love making beads- any kind of beads with polymer clay.  Here are several examples of beads that I made to fit on bracelets that can be mixed and matched as you wish.  Beads are fun because you can use your scrap clay and come up with different kinds and sizes of beads. Some of these beads are made using extrusions and others using ends of canes. -K

Are you keeping your eyes pealed for the 100th post?  Say tuned!


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Extruded Designs

Playing with a polymer clay extruder is a very exciting adventure.  You never really know what you might come up with.  These beads are examples of pieces I made trying to get some kind of a pattern to the image that came out.  See what you can come up with using your extruder.  Enjoy! -K

Extrusion beads and canes


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Scrappy Lil’ Beauty

There are times when I try so hard to do something in clay to wear that’s not goofy. I don’t usually wear jewelery. I’m more like a worker bee and accessories just get in the way or in my soup.

This little baby was made from a cane end that was doomed to go to the scrap pile. I don’t know what I made with the bulk of the cane. It must have went to making beads for Beads of Courage program. I know I didn’t make any Hearts for Heroes, because I won’t make purple hearts, I feel like it’s bad juju. I made this the way Marie Segal showed us in a class. I get more comments from non-claying people, you know, like “wow, how did you do that?”. I am torn between answering “yes, I am amazing” or “this is easy, let me show you”. I guess I really do have a tough time being serious, mostly I go with the first answer. Then, if I can get them to stop laughing, I tell them about the clay piece. 

I wonder what else is waiting in my junk clay?! – T

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More Polymer Clay, Please?

I’ve tried so many things in my past crafting adventures that I keep stumbling across stuff to show you. I made these after seeing it done on The Carol Duvall Show. My oldest son made a necklace and a pair of earrings for his 5th grade teacher from this batch of beads, they both love sushi! She loved the gift he made too. I think the ones he used were even smaller than these.

No wonder I’m still hungry!

My plate doesn’t seem to have much on it. Such skimpy portions! I may have to make some new rolls and other menu items for variety. I think this may take some research…yeah, research…Come on kids, Mom has to do research for clay food, sushi tonight! Woo hoo!  – T


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Dead Fish, Bats & Spooky Cats: part 2

I am still working on the game board decorations. I do have the game pieces done. I didn’t know if they would stack well so I made a different design on each side of the chip. They both have a bone fish on one side and a bat on the other side. After all that trouble, the stack just fine and it really wasn’t necessary. However, it is fun to choose to be bats or bone fish. – T   She does such great stuff.  My bone fish never looked so cute!  If you can call a bone fish cute?  K

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