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I’ve Been Feeling….Orange!

I guess it’s better than feeling blue. It’s the season, I suppose. I made more carrot pens for my Etsy Shop and while I was at it I made more pumpkins. Happy, silly and  nervous so far. I’m doing an angry one now. Where are my tools?! This guy needs something plunged into his head. There we go!

Oops! The candy corn is real. I was snackin’.

Ok guys, group photo! Look over here…now, smile!

Group shots are so hard to get! Seems like there’s always somebody not paying attention. 

I guess that’s the best I can do. At least nobody’s mooning the camera! Crazy carrots. – T


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Polymer Clay Seeds for Marie

 Marie Segal asked for seeds on my last veggy post. Lol, seeds! Hmm…seeds, what would a veggy pen seed look like?Ok, I’ll show you, back to my pretend world…

  Luckily, I found a few polymer clay pumpkin seeds and one carrot seed that wasn’t planted last year. Carrot seeds are sooo small I had to use a microscope to get a picture for you to get a good look at it.

carrot seed enlarged about a bazillion times(give or take a few)

I am glad I caught him smiling and his eyes open.


baby carrots and seed packet

Oh, one more thing, You can’t pick them too early. They will still need a lot of care …uh oh, one lost his binky again! – T


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