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Check out Wacky Ink Studio


Upscaled Can Lids

Tina and I have a friend who moved away to Kansas City.  Irene does Wacky art that makes you smile.  She is having an event next Saturday for any of you who may be in the KC area.  You must check out the things she has been doing with her art.  She is a fabulous photographer.   I love her cute animals and other wacky creatures she makes.  You can check out Irene Niehorster on facebook.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Wacky-Ink-Studios/173639582652229 



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Art & Craft Faire Today!

Hey! If you’re in Poway today come check out the Fall Harvest Craft Faire at Stamping Details! Kelly & I and our pal, Marie of Art from My Heart have a booth there! TODAY! We have LOTS of wonderful things you haven’t seen before, many are one of a kind!

Stamping Details

14009 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064

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Do you ever feel like sometimes you just can’t get in a comfortable position to take a nap? Maybe it’s because we haven’t tried this one.

Sorry this isn’t art or craft related. I just thought you would get a kick out of Fred. I think someone stole his bones! – T


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The Wedding Cats

I have always wanted to make a wedding cake topper. Something that represents the happy couple. It sounds fun. I forgot, however, how important that day is to brides. Well, there are quite a few bridezillas out there, at least on TV. Maybe it’s not such a good idea to make cake tops. Too much pressure.  

A couple of weeks ago someone asked me on Etsy if I could…

How could I say no? She asked for characters I already make(just a color change), gave me plenty of time and agreed to my asking price. I really tried to do my absolute best. It is a big deal getting married. I wish them well and hope they live happily ever after.  – T


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The New Guy In The Family

Last week while I was watering, I heard a cat jump the fence behind one of the fruit trees. So I chased it out of my yard with the water. Too bad my son Matthew was cleaning the pool at the time…I got him wet too. I tried to explain that there was a cat on the fence behind him. I don’t think he believed me. Laughing we turned around toward the fence…ok, I was the one laughing.  Anyway…the cat was coming back! It was a little kitten! Even though I didn’t get it wet, I still felt bad. I called to it and it actually came to me! Oh my gosh, he was sooo skinny, his hip bones were showing! Yup, we gave him a little snack.

Fred squeezed his way into our hearts and home.

>O.O<  – Tina

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Whose Cat is in My Yard?!

You know, I try to do my best to keep my backyard and garden under control. It’s a lot of work, weeding, trimming, watering… So, I get a little grouchy when some random neighborhood cat decides to leave me a little something! I won’t show you what, but you know what I mean.

Oh no! There’s the cat again!

This time relaxing by the pool!

The nerve! – T


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Summer is coming. You can feel it out here, the weather is warming up just enough for the cat to start shedding! I hate when that happens! That little beast, I know she does it on purpose just to make me mad. At least she has her favorite places to hang out and doesn’t take over the whole house. It’s hard to stay mad when they look at you with those big ol’ eyes, pretending to be so innocent… 

Good Kitty


She could take a lesson from this guy. 

Although he does have that look of “are you going to finish that tuna sandwich all by yourself?”. 

Feeling a little paranoid yet? – T

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Welcome Home!

I used to love coming home from work to little faces all happy to see me. You could tell that they missed me all day! No, not my kids. My cats. When we were first married we had two cats Chelsea and Bridgette. Chelsea used to purr really loud and play fetch. Bridgette had “thumbs”, extra toes and was a little sweetie.

Not quite the same feeling now. – T


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Dead Fish, Bats & Spooky Cats: part 3



It is done! Whew, that took a me a while to finally decide the last details.

It sat on the table with only squares and two cats for too long.

It needed more creepy-ness.

I think the stars, moon, spiders and webs did the trick.

The finished size is just shy of 10″ x 18″. That was fun, on to the next one! – T


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Dead Fish, Bats & Spooky Cats: part 1

In looking for a project to challenge myself I thought a game board would be fun. Something that I could use wool and polymer clay. Checkers! It’s a fun game, fairly quick and easy to play. Yes, a few more pieces than tic tac toe, but simpler than chess. Sooo… I started on sewing a game board in wool. Hey, this is fun all these little squares. Then about half way through…uh oh. It was a lot harder to keep the squares straight than I thought. That’s how it got to be a Halloween Penny Rug Game Board. I think the wonky-ness adds to the spooky look. OooOOooo….  -T

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