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Care For A Mint?

I have made a bazillion polymer clay mint beads…or at least it feels like it!

This is also Cernit polymer clay. You gotta check out Clay Factory Inc., Howard’s waiting.

 I used white(porcelain) with a little opaque white mixed in and red. I think, except for the size, they look very real.

This is only some of what I have! I don’t even have a plan for them all. Hmm, bracelets? necklaces? for ornaments? I know, a mini garland!  – T


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Polymer Clay Candy Sticks And Mints

Way back when my hubby and I were dating we used to like to go to Old Town, here in San Diego. We would walk all around and then have dinner in the Bazaar Del Mundo. Actually, he asked me to marry him while we were waiting for a table at Casa De Pico.

 *pause here for a happy little sigh*

Anyway, we seem to go to Old Town a lot still. I like to go to The Shepherdess, it’s a great bead shop. It’s been there a long time. Nobody in the family wants to go if it means waiting for me to check out what’s new at the bead store. So this is where the candy shop comes in handy, sort of. I come out of The Shepherdess with a really small bag that cost a small fortune, and the kids come out of the candy store with a small bag that cost a small fortune! Everyone is happy but daddy, who gets to pay.

Sooo… inspired by the candy shops around San Diego and on Little House On The Prairie, I have made these.

I have them in these bottles because I had a request to fill that size. I am on a candy roll and going to make a zillion or so.

Outta my way Willy!  – T


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Christmas Cookies….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We braved the rain to join Tina and Nikki to make Christmas Cookies.  Marie came down joining Jen and I for the trip to the Fun day of Sugar craziness.  Tina had all kinds of wonderful supplies collected so that we could make piles of cookies.  We made Giant Pretzels with white peppermint bark and nuts.  Ritz Mintz which are thin mints without the Girl Scout.  Gingerbread and sugar cookies in every shape and size.  We made Peanuts dipped in chocolate to make yummy peanut cluster bites.  Don’t forget the peppermint bark made with white chocolate and candy canes.    Graham Cracker gingerbread houses made with M & M’s, Dots, chocolate bars and gummy lifesavers.  I know there is more, but I can’t remember.  It could be due to sugar overload…  It was wonderful!

It was all very wonderful.  I was in charge of quality control.  AKA tasting everything….AKA-can you say sugar high-so my daughter said…. Someone had to lick the spoons..  We did finally get lunch about 2:00ish.  It was just as scrumptious as the goodies.  Tina is known for her cooking skills.  She had her house all decorated for Christmas including a wonderful Christmas tree.  Did we take lots of pictures- no we were too busy making cookies.  I think Jen did get a few pictures in the end.  Maybe Tina could add a shot of her tree.  It was a great day of fun and fellowship with good friends. 

We hope that you all are having a wonderful holiday season.  God Bless you and your families! K & T

PS-Someone needs to teach these kids about Christmas Music……

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The First Snowflake Of My Winter

I’ve finally given this quilling thing a shot. At first, I was very turned off about the whole craze. Probably because I worked in a print shop and used to trim note pads and such and throw away the same stuff that is sold for this craft! I had no interest, maybe because I didn’t save any trash from the print shop.

Then Crafty Staci posted on her Friday favorites about SNOWFLAKES!! Another one of my favorite things to decorate with! All different kinds to make. Do I have time to do them all?!! I started with this one and can’t stop. I think my family is starting to worry…I haven’t eaten or slept since I’ve been making these. Ok, ok, I have been eatting.


I am SO tempted to bust out the glitter, but then… I know I’ll be wearing it all season… involuntarally. -T

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Holidays! Are You Kidding Me!

There are times when my polymer clay work space gets so messy I can’t even think straight! I know, hard to believe I get messy… WHAT?! So anyway, this time in my attempt to get organized I am finding a lot of things I didn’t finish. I don’t think I’m the only one… come on, fess up. I had a little talk with myself and decided I am going to finish these pushed aside projects! This picture isn’t even half of it. I will do it at my leisure and be way ahead of the game! Yes, waaay ahead…

I have stuff for Halloween & Fall, Christmas & Winter and St. Valentine’s Day! I haven’t found the 4th of July stuff yet.

What year all this will be ready is the question. – T

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