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The First Snowflake Of My Winter

I’ve finally given this quilling thing a shot. At first, I was very turned off about the whole craze. Probably because I worked in a print shop and used to trim note pads and such and throw away the same stuff that is sold for this craft! I had no interest, maybe because I didn’t save any trash from the print shop.

Then Crafty Staci posted on her Friday favorites about SNOWFLAKES!! Another one of my favorite things to decorate with! All different kinds to make. Do I have time to do them all?!! I started with this one and can’t stop. I think my family is starting to worry…I haven’t eaten or slept since I’ve been making these. Ok, ok, I have been eatting.


I am SO tempted to bust out the glitter, but then… I know I’ll be wearing it all season… involuntarally. -T

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Way Too Easy Autumn Table Runner

I have my grandma’s sideboard in my dining room. I love to decorate it. I think of her and all the family “get togethers” when I do. The day after Halloween I was putting away all the candles I had on it so I could get in the mood for Thanksgiving.

*Side note* I was told by my daughter and her friends that my Halloween display looked like a church in Las Vegas getting ready for a goth wedding with Elvis presiding. Kinda the look I was going for! …right.

Back to Thanksgiving! Since I don’t have any cheesy Fall decorations, I thought I would do something Nana would like. I don’t have much for Fall, but I do have my sewing machine!

 I didn’t do anything fancy to it, I figured I was covering up most of it anyway! I just cut 2 pieces of fabric in a shape I liked and batting to match, sewed around it leaving a place open to turn it inside out, top stitch and it’s done! Why couldn’t I have done this in past years? I don’t know. Anyway, I am ready for the turkey now! My little birdy friends there must have heard we were having corn.  – T

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Turning to the Dark Side… of Polymer Clay.

Ok, maybe not quite. I really do feel the pull of the Halloween spirit. At least I think that’s what that tugging is. Last week the tugging was the new cat playing with my apron strings, while I was doing the dishes and wearing the apron! OUCH!

This week it’s a little something for your sewing room or voodoo doll.

I just put this up on Etsy. I really like this pincushion too, because I can close it! Then it’s just an unassuming little coffin. Yeah, it is a little different. You never know when you might need to repair someone…um, I mean, something! – Tina


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Papier Mache Anyone?

Last week our friend Deni came out to my house to work on some papier mache decorations for our guild’s retreat. Why we were doing papier mache?…it’s a polymer clay guild. I guess we were just in the mood to go big! Our theme this year is pirates, arrgh! It was a lot of fun and messy, it felt like grade school again. We worked on some skulls and bones. They don’t look like much yet.

We started with balloons and paper towel rolls. We did a lot and let them dry overnight. I forgot to put the bones on the table for you to see too. 😦  

The next day I cut an oatmeal cylinder into thirds and added one piece to a couple of the balloons. They looked a little bit too squared off in the jaw so I added a little more to round it out. You’ll see when I’m done. The one on the table that has a smaller round piece is going to be one of those bombs that has a fuse coming out of the top.

 Today is painting day! I thought I was going to wait for the weekend, because I couldn’t find my paint. But I found my black while looking for something else! Woo Hoo! I mean…arrrgh! – T


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