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How About A Polymer Clay Peacock, Please?

Having success in the first request, I got another.

 *side note* Yeah, she bought the flamingo & palm tree and another flamingo pen I made! Woo Hoo!

Back to her next request ~ a peacock. Um, ok. I have seen them at the zoo before. Yikes, all those feathers!!

Here he is before he goes on the pen. Yeah, I am only going with only one feather because I think you should be able to pick up your pen and see what you are writing. I guess I’m funny that way.  – T


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Good Grief, Horses in the Yard Now!

As if it wasn’t enough to just have the neighborhood cats in the yard. Now, I have a herd of horses! These guys aren’t as big, thank goodness.

I have here some new additions to my etsy shop, polymer clay stick horse pens. I love having these happy little guys around. They don’t eat, need exercising or even attract flies! Show me a real horse that can do all that and write out a grocery list. – T 


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I’ve Been Feeling….Orange!

I guess it’s better than feeling blue. It’s the season, I suppose. I made more carrot pens for my Etsy Shop and while I was at it I made more pumpkins. Happy, silly and  nervous so far. I’m doing an angry one now. Where are my tools?! This guy needs something plunged into his head. There we go!

Oops! The candy corn is real. I was snackin’.

Ok guys, group photo! Look over here…now, smile!

Group shots are so hard to get! Seems like there’s always somebody not paying attention. 

I guess that’s the best I can do. At least nobody’s mooning the camera! Crazy carrots. – T


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Pretty Polymer Clay Parrot Pens

I couldn’t think of anymore words that I could stick in the title that begin with the letter P! Oh well.

I have been working on getting my pirate groove on for our up coming polymer clay retreat. The whole family is pretty sure I’ve lost my mind. Pirate stuff has taken over my dinning room along with my clay. I’m working on pirate decorations, pirate clothing, pirate gifts, pirate related clay items to sell…pirate, pirate, pirate! All this while I’m listening to the music from Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest. I love the song Davy Jones. It’s the one that starts out with the music box and goes into the pipe organ….muahahaha. Ok, so this post is about what? I got a little side tracked!

Ah yes, I mean…arrgh, I’ve been making parrot pens! Every pirate needs a parrot…pen!


Oops, I guess I burnt this one! Ooo, he looks a little cranky. Arrgh! – T

Now, parrot pens available in my Etsy Shop! 


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