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Polymer Clay Quilt Jewelry

I have been working on actually putting jewelry together with the quilt canes I’ve made. Assembling isn’t my favorite part. I do a good job an’ all, I just like doing the clay part better.


I did sell quite a few at the quilt guild meeting. This is good, it supports my creating addiction.

I think I need a larger variety of colors. I really only have this style and the multicolored one. I like having a choice when shopping, I’m sure I’m not the only one!  – T


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Seeing Red….Fruit

I am still working with red polymer clay as you can see.

Maybe because I’m ready for the change in seasons, even though we don’t get too much of a change here. I’m looking forward to planting my garden! 

I looked up what the color red symbolizes. In a nutshell, life and vitality. Wear it or keep it around you for increased enthusiasm, more energy, action and confidence!

In China it symbolizes prosperity and joy.

Lots of good vibes. Who couldn’t use a little more of them?!   – T


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More Photos from the Shoot!

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I have been a little delayed with posting these shots that Tina and I got during the photo shoot.  It was such a beautiful day!  I hope that you enjoy them.  What would I do with out Tina showing me the ropes.  She has a good eye for picking nice shots.  Thanks Tina.  This is a pair of earring I made using extruded clay.  I like the colors.  -K

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