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Mellowcreme Pumpkins in Polymer Clay

New in my Etsy Shop….

itty bitty polymer clay Mellowcreme Pumpkin beads!

I love the candy! I could eat a whole bag(or two) no problem. I may try to make the other things in the bag, maybe. I think this may require more research….

Yum! – Tina


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Jack thought it was a bit odd that his surgery was scheduled for October 30th….

– Tina


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Back To Business

Whew! I got Nikki’s birthday party done. She had a great time with all her funny friends. Apparently, to keep this crowd happy it takes is a pool, noodles, squirt guns, bubbles, glow sticks, stick on moustaches, a couple of sombreros, sour patch gummies, pizza, soda, skateboard keychains, cake and markers to write on the tablecloth. Good times…good times…

We had to use the table that I work on for the party, so now that I have it back I’m back in biz! I’m still into Halloween colors and goodies, getting stuff together to sell.

Why is it always food?   – T


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Moving Along Quickly

Wow, it’s almost time for school to start! It’s been such a slow drawn out torture…I mean, such a short summer with the kids! Does it have to end so soon? Before you know it, we’ll be decorating for Halloween!

I can hardly wait!  – T


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Candy Look Alikes

These kinda bother me. They came out great, which may be the problem.

I wanted to make these or at least see if I could. Naturally, I needed to do research. Yum.

I did them the same size and close to the same color. After putting a glossy coat on them I had to be extra careful with my “research” supply. I was getting them mixed up… I go see the dentist next week. – T


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Fresh From The Oven, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies… in Polymer Clay

I bet I had your mouth watering there for a minute, tee hee! Cookies, lots of little tiny cookies.

I had a request from a customer/friend for handfuls of random little things to fit in small bottles to display. She must have a fun collection by now! It’s been fun brainstorming with her figuring out what will be next. She only has a couple bottles left to fill, darn. I may have to find more bottles for her!  – T

*shamless plug*

 Check out my Etsy Shop, there’s more stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog!


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My Early Harvest!

I am so late on my gardening that it’s not even funny! Ok, maybe a little funny…

This is my early harvest!

These are the latest guys to hit my Etsy Shop. Do you know any vegans looking for a corn on the cob pen?

A little corny, right?  – T

 *No actual veggies were harmed in the sculpting of these pens.* 


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Polymer Clay Ribbon Candy

More Christmas candy! This might be my favorite candy to have around at Christmas time, not so much for the taste but for the look and shape. It looks happy to me. I think I’m going to make other colors too.

This batch was made from Cernit also, just like the mints and corns. I like using this clay because it does have a translucent look, like a lot of real candy does. I do mix in a bit of white to brighten up the colors, just not too much to lose the candy look.

I used white(porcelain) with a little opaque white mixed in, red and green.

I am so on a roll, I’m going to need more clay! Hey, Howard can you help a girl out here! – T


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Care For A Mint?

I have made a bazillion polymer clay mint beads…or at least it feels like it!

This is also Cernit polymer clay. You gotta check out Clay Factory Inc., Howard’s waiting.

 I used white(porcelain) with a little opaque white mixed in and red. I think, except for the size, they look very real.

This is only some of what I have! I don’t even have a plan for them all. Hmm, bracelets? necklaces? for ornaments? I know, a mini garland!  – T


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I Have Corns!

Yes, I do! Lots of POLYMER CLAY CANDY CORNS! Still on my candy kick, I’ve been working with Halloween colors. I need to be ready when the holidays hit. So far, I have itty bitty no hole corns, small corns with holes running across, medium corns with holes across and some vertical, large corns with vertical holes. I should have taken the picture before separating the different kinds, sorry, I am not letting them get mixed up again! I made these using Cernit brand polymer clay, I think it looks the most like the real thing! I bought the clay from Clay Factory Inc. in Escondido.

I used white porcelain, orange and lemon

Whew, that’s a bunch! … or is it a bushel?

I wonder if I have enough to part with on Etsy?  – T


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