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Mellowcreme Pumpkins in Polymer Clay

New in my Etsy Shop….

itty bitty polymer clay Mellowcreme Pumpkin beads!

I love the candy! I could eat a whole bag(or two) no problem. I may try to make the other things in the bag, maybe. I think this may require more research….

Yum! – Tina


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Jack thought it was a bit odd that his surgery was scheduled for October 30th….

– Tina


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Back To Business

Whew! I got Nikki’s birthday party done. She had a great time with all her funny friends. Apparently, to keep this crowd happy it takes is a pool, noodles, squirt guns, bubbles, glow sticks, stick on moustaches, a couple of sombreros, sour patch gummies, pizza, soda, skateboard keychains, cake and markers to write on the tablecloth. Good times…good times…

We had to use the table that I work on for the party, so now that I have it back I’m back in biz! I’m still into Halloween colors and goodies, getting stuff together to sell.

Why is it always food?   – T


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Moving Along Quickly

Wow, it’s almost time for school to start! It’s been such a slow drawn out torture…I mean, such a short summer with the kids! Does it have to end so soon? Before you know it, we’ll be decorating for Halloween!

I can hardly wait!  – T


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Candy Look Alikes

These kinda bother me. They came out great, which may be the problem.

I wanted to make these or at least see if I could. Naturally, I needed to do research. Yum.

I did them the same size and close to the same color. After putting a glossy coat on them I had to be extra careful with my “research” supply. I was getting them mixed up… I go see the dentist next week. – T


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Fresh From The Oven, Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies… in Polymer Clay

I bet I had your mouth watering there for a minute, tee hee! Cookies, lots of little tiny cookies.

I had a request from a customer/friend for handfuls of random little things to fit in small bottles to display. She must have a fun collection by now! It’s been fun brainstorming with her figuring out what will be next. She only has a couple bottles left to fill, darn. I may have to find more bottles for her!  – T

*shamless plug*

 Check out my Etsy Shop, there’s more stuff that doesn’t make it to the blog!


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My Early Harvest!

I am so late on my gardening that it’s not even funny! Ok, maybe a little funny…

This is my early harvest!

These are the latest guys to hit my Etsy Shop. Do you know any vegans looking for a corn on the cob pen?

A little corny, right?  – T

 *No actual veggies were harmed in the sculpting of these pens.* 


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