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Polymer Clay Dragon Heart Pendant

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about fantasy themed things. You know, one inspiration leads to another.

I was looking for a quick polymer clay fix. The steampunk lead back to a heart pendant. Only I didn’t feel like doing a basic red.

Hearing the growling behind me…

…my son is playing World Of Warcraft. My work space is in the same room as the computer. WOW is loaded with awesome creatures! Yes, a dragon heart! Then I thought of that movie with the same name – DragonHeart. In the movie Dennis Quaid becomes friends with the last dragon and there’s an issue with the dragon’s shared heart, the king, good and evil. That’s why it’s stitched up.

I guess I could do red too. – T


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Smooth Steampunk

As I have mentioned before, I have a problem with wearing steampunk jewelry that can be lethal. I don’t want to wear  a necklace that may sever my jugular if I turn my head too fast. Yet, I love all the little bit and pieces of antique watches. Now I have them trapped…muahahaha… in a generous coat of resin. Nice and smooth

In the center of this pendant I put a layer of polymer clay with a load of watch parts imbedded then a thick coat of resin. The metal pendant itself I got from Marie Segal. She has so many cool things for sale in her supply store on Etsy, The Hoarders Closet. I bet you could find some treasures too! 

I also got these hair pins from her. These are very easy to work with. Fill them up with what ever you like.

 These two are so smooth that in the picture they pick up the reflection of the patio and the sky! They look better in person.

These finished pieces are for sale in my Etsy shop! – T


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More Zentangle Items

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Here are a few more things that I have made using the Zentangle cane.  A few of them are made using just my section of the cane so you don’t have all the details.  It is such a fun art form.  I am hooked now I went out and picked up some new pens and a pad so that I can do Zentangle on the plane on the way to go see my daughter.  It is supposed to help you meditate and that will help if we have any bad weather.  I hope you like what you see.  You might get hooked too if you try it in clay or with a pen!  Have fun!  -K

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My Polymer Clay Items in Treasuries

In the past couple of days some stuff in my Etsy Shop has been in quite a few treasuries! Wow, how lucky am I?!

Check them out if you like –







Can you find which item is mine in each treasury? – T


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A Saloon Girl’s Steampunk Heart

I know, I know, you’re probably getting bored with all the hearts I’ve been showing you. But… I can’t help it, I’m on a roll!

This one sort of reminds me of the old west. The bright red of a painted lady and a bit of black for mystery and drama. Only this one is designed for that steampunk lover. Plus, as if there wasn’t enough red on it already I added 2 red Swarovski Crystals!

I just thought I’d mention that the heart is resting on a branch of Rabbit’s Foot Fern. The more I look at it, I keep thinking it’s parsley! …um, no.

Hey, didn’t that movie/show “The Wild Wild West” have a bunch of gizmos in it made by Jim West’s friend? – T


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Gingerbread Heart Cookies

I really didn’t get any gingerbread cookies last Christmas. My daughter made some for her friends(with the help of Betty Crocker) that were yummy! They ate them all. I had one tiny cookie that didn’t pass quality control for aesthetic reasons. It was a whole lot better than the brand I’ve been using the past 100 years. Ok, maybe not that long. I like doing the whole gingerbread house, decorating cookies and even a gingerbread train. The other brand we liked to play with but not eat. After finding out that this years cookies were sooo much better, I went out and bought a couple more packages!

Well, I didn’t get another chance to make more until last week. Plus,  it was my turn to take something to snack on for the quilt guild meeting/event. Perfect excuse.

I couldn’t resist playing with the frosting. – T


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Red Heart And Crystals

It seems like I forgot what color hearts are. Well, I haven’t. So there!

I should make more of these, or at least more RED hearts. I didn’t do sparkly or shiny before a few months ago. I’m kinda likin’ the Swarovski Crystals sparkle and the juicy shine! 


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