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Metallic Steampunk Hearts

I’m over here busy making Steampunk Hearts that, I think, would make Jules Verne proud.

This little swirl stamp is my favorite, it seems to show up in most of my steampunks. Funny, the Swarovski Crystal is clear in color, the sun shine gave it a little pizzazz! 

 I have really been in the heart making mood for a while now. Who knows when I’ll move on to the next exciting thing. Hearts are so cool though. We can make mini art pieces that say a lot about us. There they are smack dab in the core of your body, they hold your secrets, your love, deepest desires… and they pump around our blood to our whole body too!

Awesome! – T


PS. Yup, these are for sale in my Etsy Shop 🙂



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Green and Blue…Heart?

Well, what am I supposed to do if I like blues, greens and heart shapes?!

It’s not like I have to color inside the lines…

Do I?? – T

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Polymer Clay and Pearls

Yes, another heart to show you. Inspired by an outdoor sort of feeling or… I just like these colors! When listing this item I was really having trouble naming it. I ended up with “Rustic Polymer Clay Heart with Pearls”. I don’t think people really pay that much attention to the name….do they?

I also have some new hearts in green, turquoise and purple, but the colors didn’t come out right. I’ll take better pictures tomorrow to show you. – T


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Cinched Up Polymer Clay Heart

I said I was making a bunch of hearts and then just left you hanging… sorry about that!

Here is another heart in my shop. I like that corset look. I think this little heart looks feminine, yet tough.

The red clay reminds me of red leather with the swirls cut into it and black lacing holding it together. The Swarovski Crystal for a girlie sparkle!

I guess, reminding me of an old western saloon girl, someone who can take care of herself! – T

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Red Steampunk Polymer Clay

It’s not even January and I’m trying to get a jump on getting my act together. I don’t really get into the New Year’s resolution thing… but… Every year is the same thing. I barely get through Thanksgiving and BAM!! it’s Christmas rush! You know, for how old I am, you would think I would have a clue of how the whole holiday schedule works. So, I decided to not wait until the last-minute, this week I am working on Valentines hearts. Next week, we are coloring eggs for Easter…. no, not really.

I am working on red hearts right now. Some are steampunk, some not. Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I really like this picture. I bet you can’t guess what this heart is in/on.  – T


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One More Red Heart Ring

Before I moved on to the next project I felt like doing a few more rings. Usually I draw or sculpt my hearts rather “voluptuous”. To me, it just looks like that’s what they should be…really full. This ring is wearing a corset for that reason. She is top-heavy inspired.

Ooo, I just got another idea! – T

This item is featured in this treasury today on Etsy, yikes!


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Polymer Clay Goth Treasury

You gotta check this out! My Blood Type Necklace made into a treasury by AmerissaG. Click on her name to see her shop. To view the treasury  Click here . It would help me out if you leave a comment and click on the listings, the more a treasury gets looked at and commented on the closer it is to the front page of Etsy’s home page! Don’t let the title fool you, it really is a cute treasury! – T

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