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Art & Craft Faire Today!

Hey! If you’re in Poway today come check out the Fall Harvest Craft Faire at Stamping Details! Kelly & I and our pal, Marie of Art from My Heart have a booth there! TODAY! We have LOTS of wonderful things you haven’t seen before, many are one of a kind!

Stamping Details

14009 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064

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Hot out of the Oven!

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I had to wait until I could stand to put the oven outside so I could bake these pieces.  It was 103 here yesterday and we just are not used to it here in So California.  I have been trying to focus my mind down to not be running off in all directions.  Here are a few of my latest pieces.  The have a canes that was used for my hummingbird pendant in a previous project and I just love all the colors.  Enjoy.  -K

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Empty Nest

Monday morning I checked the baby hummingbird, yup, still there. I go get my camera and find out when I open the window that Elvis has left the building! When I come around to the patio to check the ground I end up interrupting flying lessons! Yikes! I come back in the house rather quickly, having angered Joy. So, I left them to do their birdy thing. I didn’t want to scare them out of the yard and into the paws of the cat next door. For a few days after they still hung around the safety of the patio, the youngster waiting for mom to bring home something to eat. They are out and about now, all over the neighborhood. It was nice having our little house guests.

Just like after a concert, they left a mess! Oops, that’s my mess!  – T


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The New Arrivals!

Last weekend I peeked in on the hummingbird nest at the window. I have been keeping my drapes closed so as not to disturb Joy. I kinda panicked at first because I didn’t see the white of the eggs. Then I saw movement in the nest! Quickly, I grabbed the camera! I opened the window since Joy wasn’t there, I knew she would get mad if she caught me. SNAP! Got a picture! Closed the window and drapes, whew! Took a look and thought aww…how…eww. Not so cute. Like all new-born birds, they look all plucked, closed big eyes and overall eww. To our cat, they look tasty. Another reason to keep the drapes pulled. 

The bird on the left is facing away from the camera, its beak is pointing up. The other one is tucked up next to “Lefty”. I guess they are kinda cute…I suppose, well… maybe to Mommy.

Mama Joy looks tired, I saw her try to take a little nap. Her eyes were closed, but looked like she couldn’t get settled. I guess the babies wouldn’t keep still under her. Maybe I’ll get a hummingbird feeder early for Joy for her Mother’s Day. She’ll have to work on the holiday.  – T

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Waiting In Anticipation!

Spring is a time of new birth.  We wait on the Joyous Celebration of Easter when Jesus rises up and brings us the gift of salvation. 

 There is a hummingbird nest outside Tina’s window.  It will be fun to watch as the parents care for the little egg and bird to come.  We hope that you all have a wonderful spring and that you may be inspired by nature!  God has definitely done a good job!  K


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