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Jack thought it was a bit odd that his surgery was scheduled for October 30th….

– Tina


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Poor ‘Lil Polymer Clay Pumpkin

Boy, talk about a bad day!

I’m not sure if I need to seek help…

I’m having too much fun with these pumpkins. I wonder, how should I carve the real thing for Halloween? So many choices…muahaha…  -T


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Moving Along Quickly

Wow, it’s almost time for school to start! It’s been such a slow drawn out torture…I mean, such a short summer with the kids! Does it have to end so soon? Before you know it, we’ll be decorating for Halloween!

I can hardly wait!  – T


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I’ve Been Feeling….Orange!

I guess it’s better than feeling blue. It’s the season, I suppose. I made more carrot pens for my Etsy Shop and while I was at it I made more pumpkins. Happy, silly and  nervous so far. I’m doing an angry one now. Where are my tools?! This guy needs something plunged into his head. There we go!

Oops! The candy corn is real. I was snackin’.

Ok guys, group photo! Look over here…now, smile!

Group shots are so hard to get! Seems like there’s always somebody not paying attention. 

I guess that’s the best I can do. At least nobody’s mooning the camera! Crazy carrots. – T


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Why The Panic?

I don’t understand why all the holiday decorations have to be out soooo early at the stores! But then again, as it gets closer to the holiday the stuff goes on sale and I still have time to decorate before hand! Yay!

We're ready!

I still get a feeling of panic seeing the holiday goodies at the stores and coming home to an undecorated house. Things will sneak up on me if I put them on the back burner (really, when cooking too!). I may have to risk looking like a holiday nut and just get my stuff out when the stores do. Rather than just looking like a nut…  – Tina

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