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Extrusion Distortion Class

Cane Extrusion

I taught the Extrusion Distortion Class a few weeks ago at the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild’s anual Round Robin.  Here is the cane that I ended up making from the extrusions that I made.  The gals that took the class seemed to really enjoy the class.  They came up with some nice combinations of their own canes.  The Makin’s Extruder is fabulous.  I even literally dreamed up another technique that I have to try the next time I am working to make some simple beads.  If it works like the dream it will be some really beautiful beads with very little work.  I will let you know if it works like I hoped.
In the mean time get out your extruder and see what you can make.  -K


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Down to the Wire-My Inchies.

48 Inchies for July Swap

I work best under pressure.  I finished my inchies for the swap at about 12:3o on Tuesday, the day they were due.  My oven decided to spike in its heating and thank goodness it did not burn them.  I would have hated to turn in little crispy squares…..  I ended up extruding several different shapes using the Makin’s Extruder.

 I then manipulated some a bit  and then positioned them all into a one inch square.  I took a slice of this and laid it on a solid color of clay so that it would meet the thickness requiremment.  So here is what 48 inchies looks like. They were for the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild’s swap of the month.  -K

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Extrusion Distortion!

Extrusion Kaleidoscope Canes

Have any of you gotten addicted to the Makin’s Extruder?  Every time I play with it I discover new and exciting things that it can do.  I love making canes.  Kaleidoscope canes never ceases to amaze me.  I have found that if you make Skinner blends and roll them up and put them in the extruder you can come up with different effects depending on the disc you use in the end.  By combining several different extrusions you can make some fabulous canes.  I am teaching some of these wonderful techniques coming up in one of our Round Robin classes.  If you would like to check it out see the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild website www.sdpcg.org for more information.  Tina is also teaching her “Non-lethal Steampunk Jewelry” class the same day.  It all happens July 16th.  Check it out!  -K

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Classes by Marie!

I have been a bit scatter brained lately.  Not really focused on anything in particular.  I have not even told you about the wonderful classes I took from Marie Segal!  I had 2 day chock full of information.  I was able to read through the directions a day or two after the class.  We had so much fun playing in the class.  First of all she was teaching us how to use the amazing clay Cernit.  It has some wonderful qualities.  One day was devoted to the porcelain effects that you can get from it.  I have lots of fun pieces in various stages of completion.  With Marie you just never know what she is going to teach you next.  Some times the simples thing is a big  “awe ha” moment for the class. 

 We started off Saturday with a somewhat intense button making project.  They all turned out great!  We liked it so much several of us traded samples amongst us so we could go home with different examples. We did beads, caning and tassels  using pearl ex and paint and ink.  So if you ever get the opportunity take a class with Marie.  It is sure to inform and entertain!  -K


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Beads to go with the Pink Flamingo!

I have been making all kinds of beads.  When I made this bead I thought how well it went with your pink flamingo pen!  The other two beads have the pink, but the little one has the green to match the palm tree!  These were so fun and simple to make.  There are actually 3 different techniques using the same extrusion.  I just love that Makin’ Extruder! -K


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Extrusions and Space…

I have been busy doing all kind of different pieces these days.  Trying to discover what I like the best.  I love to do canes and the extruder works well for doing some of that.  You can play with the extrusions and get all kinds on neat things from them.  This piece is one of those extrusions. -K

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Purple Pendant

Purple Pendant
Pendant with extruded clay and dangles

 This is a pendant I made using clay extruded from the Makins extruder.  I then made dangles to hang from the center.  It is strung on wire that I have pounded after shaping into different shapes.  It is very fun to make the different little beads to go with the smaller dangles.  Most of them are made using  just scrapes of clay that have been twisted into cords.  I then form them into a bead.  It is then strung on a 20″ leather cord.  Wahlah!  -K

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Getting Ready For Holiday Craft Shows!

I think I have decided that I like fall the best. 

I love thinking about the change in colors and the warm feelings it brings.  But since I live in sunny California I don’t really get to enjoy much of the fall colors unless I am making them myself.  That is exactly what I have been doing this past week.  Making lots of leaves and acorns that I have made pins with and then more leaves that I plan to turn into earrings and necklace pieces.  I really like how they came out.  I used cutters to make most of the leaves. 

Fall Leaf Pin

Tina and I, along with our good friend Marie will be at two sales this weekend.  On Saturday in Ramona:

   MVCC Christmas Bazaar
  Sat, November 13, 2010
  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Mountain View Community ChurchCorner of Hwy 78 and Ash

Then on Sunday Nov. 14th we will be in Poway:

                              Stamping Details
                              14009 Midland Road
                              Poway, CA 92064

Come join us for the fun!  There should be lots of wonderful Handmade items for you.  This will help you get in the mood for your holiday shopping.  We have lots of different items that we will have made.  Maybe you could get one of those cute Penny Rugs Tina makes.  She has the cutest birds made out of clay, as well as material.  I never know what she will dream up next.  I have been making pins for Fall as well as Christmas.  Marie make wonderful Heart pieces.  You can check out her stuff under “Art from the Heart” on the links to the right.  I am sure she will have lots of other stuff she has put her heart into making.  We hope to see you there! -K

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Well I guess I will start with Extrusions!

I have gotten to play with the clay a bit.  I made some extrusions using the Makin’s extruder.  I like to mess with my scraps too, so here is what I came up with.

I have been planning on finishing some beads that I made on the lathe for Sandy Camp.  These are a few I have been working on.  I have lots of items planned.  So now I need to stick myself to my clay desk and get makin! – K


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Fun with Polymer Beads!

Beads from Scraps!

I love making beads- any kind of beads with polymer clay.  Here are several examples of beads that I made to fit on bracelets that can be mixed and matched as you wish.  Beads are fun because you can use your scrap clay and come up with different kinds and sizes of beads. Some of these beads are made using extrusions and others using ends of canes. -K

Are you keeping your eyes pealed for the 100th post?  Say tuned!


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