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New Knitted Bag

I was knitting some new amulet bag necklaces and then got sidetracked by family stuff, not bad stuff, just busy. I finally finished one of the necklaces today.

 I’ve got 8 more to go…oh goodie.

Yup, this is up for sale in my Etsy Shop.  – T

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A Black Beaded Bag

Well, I received another special request. This time the customer wanted an Amulet Bag that I have listed… only in all black. I knew I could do it. I just forgot how long it takes and where the pattern was! I remember I enjoyed making the bags, not the prep. I asked for at least two weeks knowing that I would have to find a/my pattern, cotton, beads and needles and time. I figured it would be mostly taken up by searching.

This is what she saw…

After a little research I got to work. It all came back to me.

This is what I did for her.

It is hard to know what someone else has in mind. I hope she likes it.

This project has kicked-in the knitting bug again…yup, I’ve started two more! – T


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Dragon Attack

The other day I seemed to get a little push from the great beyond or something. I just had this feeling I need to add more stuff in my Etsy Shop. I didn’t question the feeling I just did it. Usually, I will question – is this good enough? I think we all do. Art is very personal. I have so much stuff made and ready to sell at a craft sale.

Digging around I found my Christi Friesen inspired dragons I made a while back. I have all her books, she’s awesome!

I really like this one, he’s my new favorite. – T


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Who Is That?

I don’t know what all the fuss is all about with… moustaches? They are everywhere. Why? I see them on necklaces, keychains, magnets, on a stick and even on binkies! I made a moustache necklace for one of my daughters friends and then made another one to sell. I had too, it looked like fun. My daughter says this is her friends favorite actor. James looks great, don’t you think?

I dunno I think Reese looks great with a stache too!

…the nerve…   – T


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Mica Shift Polymer Beads

Using Polymer clay with Mica in it allows you to make things using only one color of clay if you choose.  These beads where made using a purple pearl color and the differences in the color is the mica.  When you show the different sides of the mica you get darks and lights.  I used a ripple blade to cut a stack.  on some of the beads.  Then I cut different shapes using Kemper cutters.  Once the beads were baked I wired them and strung them between chain to make this necklace.  -K

Don’t forget our 100th Post Givaway!

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Beans and Frank

Who is this guy hanging around! Why, it’s Frankenstein’s monster, little Frank! On a necklace with….beans? I have done a few odd items like this. Maybe it’s from lack of sleep? Whatever, it’s fun when people get it (kind of embarrassing when they don’t). I just put this guy up in my Etsy Shop. I thought you might like to see him too.

This is one good lookin’ guy, cool haircut, slick clothes, great smile and one thick eyebrow over his eyes. A real lady-killer! 

What more could a woman want? – T

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