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Hail Hail, The Gang’s All Here!

I just loved working on this Special Order! Look at all these little octopi-ettes, you can tell they are girls from their flower headbands.

I love the colors she chose, bright and cheery. I’ll be sad to see them go.

They can hardly wait to go, you can almost hear them giggling!  – T



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White Sandy Beach With A Crab

A lot of times I have used a color on a project and have some left over still on my work space…

 …this time it was red.

I had a few polymer clay covered pens that looked like white sandy beaches with a shell and a starfish. Lonely, very lonely. So, I made a few crabs to add to the pens. It looks like he’s enjoying the view by the pool!   – T


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Pinky-O the Pen

I don’t know what exactly I’ve been doing lately, but it sure hasn’t been adding more things in my Etsy Shop! It’s been a while, so I needed to get busy!

I think the reason why “Pinky-O” is looking so confused is because I wasn’t sure of what I wanted to make. This octopus is channeling my energy. Next thing you know, he’ll be napping! 

I’m kinda liking the look of pink octos. What color are they supposed to be anyway? Not that it would change my color selections!

I think pink is here… for a little while. Hey, does anyone have a piece of Bazooka?! – Tina

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