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Polymer Clay Pumpkin Beads

Beads! I love beads! Finding out I could make my own beads in polymer clay pretty much means I will never put the stuff down. I don’t think I will ever get tired of making beads. There are so many options. If I search the internet images I get a visual overload! I don’t do it much anymore, I’m not a strong enough person. So, here I am in my own little world… making pumpkins. 

Just as with any great obsession, I get on a roll and make about a zillion of these at a time.

At least I have my Etsy shop now!

I’m getting the urge to make more beads. Gotta go! – T 

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Why The Panic?

I don’t understand why all the holiday decorations have to be out soooo early at the stores! But then again, as it gets closer to the holiday the stuff goes on sale and I still have time to decorate before hand! Yay!

We're ready!

I still get a feeling of panic seeing the holiday goodies at the stores and coming home to an undecorated house. Things will sneak up on me if I put them on the back burner (really, when cooking too!). I may have to risk looking like a holiday nut and just get my stuff out when the stores do. Rather than just looking like a nut…  – Tina

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The Other Polymer Clay Seeds…

I mentioned before I have a few pumpkin seeds. I should probably plant them soon if I want  any pumpkins ready for Halloween! They look happy now, wait until they find out what I have planned for them….Muahahaha!

In case you haven’t noticed, look up at our banner.

 There is a picture of their uncle, he wasn’t grumpy before he had that saw thrust into his cranium! He could really use some Tylenol and a Band-Aid!  – T


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