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How Did I Get Here?

Here’s a fun close up. I don’t like posting without a pic!

This morning I was told, by another Etsy Shop, my black snowflakes were going to be in her blog. So, I went to check out her blog. Wow! She finds the most interesting and unique stuff on Etsy and posts them on her blog. I was amazed. Take a look at her blog today http://totusmelswunderkammer.blogspot.com . Also take a look at her EtsyShop. She does tatted jewelry and accessories. Very unique, goth, very beautiful.  http://www.etsy.com/shop/TotusMel

I was surprised and happy that she likes my flakes enough to add them in her collection!

Thank you TotusMel Shop! – T

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Black Ice Snowflakes

Yet another craft I can’t get enough of at the moment! Oh, I am still working on the quilling, only now… it’s the dark side.

These remind me of a fancy iron work fence. You know, they have that basic black elegant look to them.

Kelly says I’m in a curly mood. I think she’s right!

 I’m working on a bunch of snowflakes for my Etsy Shop and gifts for Christmas. I’m really amazed by how sturdy these little pretties are. I think they could even survive me!  – T


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The First Snowflake Of My Winter

I’ve finally given this quilling thing a shot. At first, I was very turned off about the whole craze. Probably because I worked in a print shop and used to trim note pads and such and throw away the same stuff that is sold for this craft! I had no interest, maybe because I didn’t save any trash from the print shop.

Then Crafty Staci posted on her Friday favorites about SNOWFLAKES!! Another one of my favorite things to decorate with! All different kinds to make. Do I have time to do them all?!! I started with this one and can’t stop. I think my family is starting to worry…I haven’t eaten or slept since I’ve been making these. Ok, ok, I have been eatting.


I am SO tempted to bust out the glitter, but then… I know I’ll be wearing it all season… involuntarally. -T

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