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Polymer Clay Quilt Jewelry

I have been working on actually putting jewelry together with the quilt canes I’ve made. Assembling isn’t my favorite part. I do a good job an’ all, I just like doing the clay part better.


I did sell quite a few at the quilt guild meeting. This is good, it supports my creating addiction.

I think I need a larger variety of colors. I really only have this style and the multicolored one. I like having a choice when shopping, I’m sure I’m not the only one!  – T


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Little Polymer Clay Quilts

I made this cane about a month ago and let it sit, too nervous to cut, reduce or even handle it. I think I let it rest long enough. I’m going to make pins or magnets out of them… I think.

I liked this pattern when I saw it in a book, the only problem is I forgot what its name was! At the time I was looking at so many, I tried to keep track of what they were. I’m sure as soon as I hit publish I’ll find my notes…I hope.

This will drive me nuts. – T


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A Polymer Quilt Cane, Part 2

Finally last night I finished all of the pieces to my quilt cane! This bad boy is bigger than any cane that cometh before him(that I’ve done). It weighed in over 2 pounds!

 This is half. As you can see it is too soft to monkey with(reduce) it right now. Did that stop me? Um…no.

I have a ton of this sorta wonky quilt. I hope my friend likes it anyway. You know quilters like to be very precise.

 I’m trying to get over being so fussy with my art that it puts me in a bad mood. I probably should have held on to the fussy for this project! I better get started on a different quilt just in case looking at this one makes her twitch. – T



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