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A Black Beaded Bag

Well, I received another special request. This time the customer wanted an Amulet Bag that I have listed… only in all black. I knew I could do it. I just forgot how long it takes and where the pattern was! I remember I enjoyed making the bags, not the prep. I asked for at least two weeks knowing that I would have to find a/my pattern, cotton, beads and needles and time. I figured it would be mostly taken up by searching.

This is what she saw…

After a little research I got to work. It all came back to me.

This is what I did for her.

It is hard to know what someone else has in mind. I hope she likes it.

This project has kicked-in the knitting bug again…yup, I’ve started two more! – T


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Excuse Me While I Freshen Up

I’m still working on little polymer clay things.

 What? …. it’s not food? Maybe I’ll take a break from food right now.

As usual I get on a roll and go too far. Because really, how many of these does a girl need? Maybe quite a few, these are only 1 inch tall! I was going to make lots of colors, but I really like the red. Funny thing, I almost never wear lipstick! I think bright red would not be my first choice.

Next project – mini watermelon slices. I had some, just not enough to fill the 3″ bottle. I better go check the garden, see how they’re doing.  – T


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Seeing Red….Fruit

I am still working with red polymer clay as you can see.

Maybe because I’m ready for the change in seasons, even though we don’t get too much of a change here. I’m looking forward to planting my garden! 

I looked up what the color red symbolizes. In a nutshell, life and vitality. Wear it or keep it around you for increased enthusiasm, more energy, action and confidence!

In China it symbolizes prosperity and joy.

Lots of good vibes. Who couldn’t use a little more of them?!   – T


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A Saloon Girl’s Steampunk Heart

I know, I know, you’re probably getting bored with all the hearts I’ve been showing you. But… I can’t help it, I’m on a roll!

This one sort of reminds me of the old west. The bright red of a painted lady and a bit of black for mystery and drama. Only this one is designed for that steampunk lover. Plus, as if there wasn’t enough red on it already I added 2 red Swarovski Crystals!

I just thought I’d mention that the heart is resting on a branch of Rabbit’s Foot Fern. The more I look at it, I keep thinking it’s parsley! …um, no.

Hey, didn’t that movie/show “The Wild Wild West” have a bunch of gizmos in it made by Jim West’s friend? – T


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Red Heart And Crystals

It seems like I forgot what color hearts are. Well, I haven’t. So there!

I should make more of these, or at least more RED hearts. I didn’t do sparkly or shiny before a few months ago. I’m kinda likin’ the Swarovski Crystals sparkle and the juicy shine! 


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Red Steampunk Polymer Clay

It’s not even January and I’m trying to get a jump on getting my act together. I don’t really get into the New Year’s resolution thing… but… Every year is the same thing. I barely get through Thanksgiving and BAM!! it’s Christmas rush! You know, for how old I am, you would think I would have a clue of how the whole holiday schedule works. So, I decided to not wait until the last-minute, this week I am working on Valentines hearts. Next week, we are coloring eggs for Easter…. no, not really.

I am working on red hearts right now. Some are steampunk, some not. Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I really like this picture. I bet you can’t guess what this heart is in/on.  – T


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One More Red Heart Ring

Before I moved on to the next project I felt like doing a few more rings. Usually I draw or sculpt my hearts rather “voluptuous”. To me, it just looks like that’s what they should be…really full. This ring is wearing a corset for that reason. She is top-heavy inspired.

Ooo, I just got another idea! – T

This item is featured in this treasury today on Etsy, yikes!


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