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Extrusion Distortion!

Extrusion Kaleidoscope Canes

Have any of you gotten addicted to the Makin’s Extruder?  Every time I play with it I discover new and exciting things that it can do.  I love making canes.  Kaleidoscope canes never ceases to amaze me.  I have found that if you make Skinner blends and roll them up and put them in the extruder you can come up with different effects depending on the disc you use in the end.  By combining several different extrusions you can make some fabulous canes.  I am teaching some of these wonderful techniques coming up in one of our Round Robin classes.  If you would like to check it out see the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild website www.sdpcg.org for more information.  Tina is also teaching her “Non-lethal Steampunk Jewelry” class the same day.  It all happens July 16th.  Check it out!  -K

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Demonstrating at the Fair!

I demonstrated at the San Diego County Fair on Saturday.  The San Diego Polymer Clay Guild Has done that in the Home and Hobby section of the fair for years.  It is fun to show people what the clay is all about and talk with the visitors.  We let them make a bead if they were interested.   Then they could come back after we had baked them and take them home.  They all seemed very excited about doing it.  Most of them couldn’t wait for them to finish baking and cool off.  We had to give their bead in a paper towel because it was still hot from baking….

I had found out earlier in the week that my necklace had places first!  Then when I got to the fair I found out that the bead that I had entered had also placed first. I had posted pitures previously.  Very exciting!  What fun!  There is a lot of fabulous pieces of art in the Home and Hobby section of the fair.  You should go check it out.  People put a lot of heart and soul into their work.  Of course we had to look around at all the other things at the fair.  The worst thing I ate was probably the fried zuchini, and that is just because it was fried.  I did not partake of any of the other “goodies”.  So if you are in the area go visit the exhibits in Home and Hobby at the Fair.  -K


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Combined Zentangle Pendant 1

This is one of the pendants that I made with the 6 canes that the SDPCG members put together.  I like how it came out.  It is definitely one of a kind.  I might get a pair of matching earring, but that is all.  It gives me a little bit the impression of a pomegranate for some reason. One thing I learned is that it is a good idea to make the initial canes with larger contrasting areas, because they become very small when combined in this manner.  So you get lots of miniature patterns.   I want to do more black and white, but I have some quite colorful canes  started on my workspace today!  -K

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Zentangle Business Card Holder

Zentangle Cane slices

Here is the business card holder I made using my part of the cane from the group effort of the zentangle cane I showed a week or so ago.  I have been having a bunch of fun making all kind of different things with the cane.  Here you can see I just used two slices of the cane and matched them.  It is applied to a metal card case.  I haven’t decided whether to keep it for myself or give it away…. Hmmmm?   -K


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Have You Tried Zentangle?

Several people from the San Diego Polymer Clay Guild have become, should I say involved with Zentangle.  You may not know that you have been doing it for years…  What is it you ask?  Doodling.  Well there are some guidelines out there, but that is a different post!  Several of us decided that we wanted to try a Zentangle Canes with Polymer Clay.  We decided that we would all use Black and White Premo clay.  We were to  make a cane which was approximately 1″ X 1″ and about 3″ long.  We would bring it to the next guild meeting and I would put them together. in one Zentangle Cane.  We ended up with six people taking part in the cane.  We did not have any idea what each other would be making with the clay.  We just hoped that it would all turn out.  It was very fun to see what each of us came up with.  Here they are….

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Each of the six people will now be able to take a portion of the cane and create something from it.  It will be interesting to see what the all come up with.  -K

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Shaving Cream Beads

Beads colored using Shaving Cream

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Who Put All This On My Plate!

Wow, it seems like everything is hitting the fan at the same time! My September is all booked up just getting ready for October. Birthdays, a bridal shower, wedding, doctor appts., Etsy shop, this blog, guild meetings, prep. & teaching a class, retreat prep. and the retreat itself! Oh yeah, all the mom and wife stuff too.

In the picture is the angel I’m going to make in my class, pirate decoration, Halloween bracelets, pin cushion coffin(a new creation for my Esty shop!) and that’s all I could fit! Yup, you guessed it. PIZZA TONIGHT!!  …again.   – T


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