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Happy New Year All you out there…..

Hi Everybody-  I have been MIA for a while.  I sure hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday season.  We still need to remove the lights from the outside of the house.  We can then get all the Decorations stored away in the attic for another year….  Jen goes back to college on Tuesday.  ugh.    So what have you all been making?  Anything exciting?  I might get inspired by your projects.  I am really trying to get my head on straight.

At this moment Yahoo says that they cannot retreive my email.  That I need to walk away from 10+ years of contacts and other info.  I have been making a list of places I need to contact.  Ugh.  That does not help my Head…  But it does clean out my old  emails….  So if you are reading this and have tried to reach me by email you know why I have not responded.

January is running fast and I pray you are all having a great time making things.  Is it sewing, painting, drawing, what kind of textures or glitters are you working with?  Christi Friesen Blathered about playing with glitter.  Check out all of her great work!  http://www.cforiginals.net/ I know my friend Dawna has a clean work surface she was bragging about today on FB.  Maybe I could start there.

Happy New Year! K


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Tis the Season—

I’m home from traveling the country and trying to get myself organize to start decking the halls for Christmas.  Yesterday Marty and I went out and did some shopping.  That is hard work…  Jen is about to get on a plane to come home as I write this.  I have a list of things I would like to accomplish before she comes home, but have not.

I really need to get something made for our Guild Christmas Exchange which is tomorrow.  I have it all planned, but it has just not been on the top of the list yet!  So I hope that you are doing more or making more than what I have.  I have lots of good intentions to bake, maybe sew and of course decorate.  But I have been very bad at keeping up with this blog.  So I will post this to let you know that I am alive and will be off to get something accomplished that I can show you.  Have a wonderful holiday season and Merry Christmas!  -K



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One More Red Heart Ring

Before I moved on to the next project I felt like doing a few more rings. Usually I draw or sculpt my hearts rather “voluptuous”. To me, it just looks like that’s what they should be…really full. This ring is wearing a corset for that reason. She is top-heavy inspired.

Ooo, I just got another idea! – T

This item is featured in this treasury today on Etsy, yikes!


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Just a Doodling Fool

Thanks to my friend Gloria I’ve started doodling again. She shared with me all she knows about Zentangle, the latest new old thing… sort of. Google Zentangle, you will be amazed what can be done with a piece of paper and a Sharpie! A lot of artists are Zentangling on anything they can get ahold of that’s white, or just looks like it needs a little zen!

This is a bucket cover I made out of canvas. Obviously, I couldn’t leave it PLAIN! Before I really checked out the Zentangle sites I found the Mehndi Henna Tattoo Art very interesting and played around with it. I have a scratch pad all doodled up like this. 

Drawing and doodles were my first loves in art. I am really enjoying putting pen/pencil to paper again.

You know, I do drive a white car….  – T

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Art & Craft Faire Today!

Hey! If you’re in Poway today come check out the Fall Harvest Craft Faire at Stamping Details! Kelly & I and our pal, Marie of Art from My Heart have a booth there! TODAY! We have LOTS of wonderful things you haven’t seen before, many are one of a kind!

Stamping Details

14009 Midland Rd. Poway, CA 92064

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Thread Bags

It seems like I haven’t been sharing much of what I’ve been doing lately. I guess I have been actually doing stuff! I have pushed the clay to the side for a bit (not really, just in my head, it’s still all over the dining room). 

My sister-in-law’s quilt guild had a mini retreat this past Saturday. I offered to help her make some thread bags, one for each attendee. We made 35 all together. A thread bag is usually just a paper bag, taped to the table, to catch the threads you clip off of whatever you’re sewing. Yeah, a little trash bag. So rather than making life easy and using paper, we decided to sew fabric bags. 35 is a bigger number than we first thought!

 I also gave everyone a couple of decorative pins. I had to get a little polymer clay in there!

It was fun to surprise them with a little something.  – T

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Getting Ready For Holiday Craft Shows!

I think I have decided that I like fall the best. 

I love thinking about the change in colors and the warm feelings it brings.  But since I live in sunny California I don’t really get to enjoy much of the fall colors unless I am making them myself.  That is exactly what I have been doing this past week.  Making lots of leaves and acorns that I have made pins with and then more leaves that I plan to turn into earrings and necklace pieces.  I really like how they came out.  I used cutters to make most of the leaves. 

Fall Leaf Pin

Tina and I, along with our good friend Marie will be at two sales this weekend.  On Saturday in Ramona:

   MVCC Christmas Bazaar
  Sat, November 13, 2010
  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Mountain View Community ChurchCorner of Hwy 78 and Ash

Then on Sunday Nov. 14th we will be in Poway:

                              Stamping Details
                              14009 Midland Road
                              Poway, CA 92064

Come join us for the fun!  There should be lots of wonderful Handmade items for you.  This will help you get in the mood for your holiday shopping.  We have lots of different items that we will have made.  Maybe you could get one of those cute Penny Rugs Tina makes.  She has the cutest birds made out of clay, as well as material.  I never know what she will dream up next.  I have been making pins for Fall as well as Christmas.  Marie make wonderful Heart pieces.  You can check out her stuff under “Art from the Heart” on the links to the right.  I am sure she will have lots of other stuff she has put her heart into making.  We hope to see you there! -K

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An Elephant Purse for Me

It’s time to retire my bag…

The problem is I’m too cheap to buy another one. That’s what  happens once you’ve sewn your own. I see plenty of bags at the stores I would like, but they are usually more than what I have in mind to spend.

There was a cute purse in a sewing book I have and it only takes a yard! At least I hoped it would come out cute. Next, search the stash for the perfect fabric. I had some Laurel Burch elephant fabric that wasn’t in a box with the rest, almost like it had already been choosen…spooky. I love this and I have plenty! 

So, I start sewing up the pieces, hmm, the instructions are a little hard to follow. Plus I have this bad habit of sewing 1/4″ seam allowances, this pattern said use 1/2″….uh oh.

 Not quite what I had in mind. It’s a good thing it only took me 3 days… I think it would have made a better jumper for a little girl from the way it looks. The purse under it is the one I drag around with me(and it looks like it, literally).

I’m going to try to find another pattern, I’m really not satisfied with this one.

Oh well.   NEXT!!  – T

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Way Too Easy Autumn Table Runner

I have my grandma’s sideboard in my dining room. I love to decorate it. I think of her and all the family “get togethers” when I do. The day after Halloween I was putting away all the candles I had on it so I could get in the mood for Thanksgiving.

*Side note* I was told by my daughter and her friends that my Halloween display looked like a church in Las Vegas getting ready for a goth wedding with Elvis presiding. Kinda the look I was going for! …right.

Back to Thanksgiving! Since I don’t have any cheesy Fall decorations, I thought I would do something Nana would like. I don’t have much for Fall, but I do have my sewing machine!

 I didn’t do anything fancy to it, I figured I was covering up most of it anyway! I just cut 2 pieces of fabric in a shape I liked and batting to match, sewed around it leaving a place open to turn it inside out, top stitch and it’s done! Why couldn’t I have done this in past years? I don’t know. Anyway, I am ready for the turkey now! My little birdy friends there must have heard we were having corn.  – T

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Awaiting the Great Pumpkin

Just sitting out here in the pumpkin patch, waiting for The Great Pumpkin. I, like Linus, have never seen him…

I’m guessing it’s because I don’t stay up until midnight in a cold pumpkin patch!

Not happening. – T

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