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I Hate Doing the Socks!

It’s no secret at my house. When doing the laundry, I hate doing the socks! Right now as I am writing this there is a pile on my bed. Clean? Yes. There are 5 people living here, with 2 feet each. Makes 10 socks each day, that’s a lot. Then there are those random ones you can find throughout the house. Thank God it’s only socks.

I have a feeling my hostility toward sorting the socks comes from needing glasses now. The poor lighting in my room doesn’t help. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, more than 3/4 of the socks are black.

So, when I can’t take the mess anymore, I ask for help in a grouchy way. Left to their own devices, everyone picks out their pair for the day. :/    A few weeks ago, I asked Nikki to do them around noonish. It was now 10 or 11…pm, tired and tired of excuses. When saying goodnight, I mentioned to her that she had all day and didn’t do them. She got out of bed and did them. I didn’t know she did until she came out to tell me. I felt kinda bad, but grateful. After saying good night again, she kept asking when I was going to bed. Finally, I went to bed…


I ❤ U too Nikki.

Love, Tina aka Mom


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