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Beginner Clay Work! On the Road.

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Hi Everybody!  I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving.  I am out here in Nashville visiting my brother and his family.  We had a craft day and were playing with some clay.  I just had to show you what Rachel and Emily made with some of the clay.  They are 9 years old and have never played with polymer clay before.  Emily loves creatures of all kinds.  She wanted to make a turtle so I showed her how we could make a cane to make the shell more colorful.  Rachel wanted to make a hermit crab, because they used to have them.  She did it all on her own.  It is amazing.  They both then started making all kinds of accessories for the turtle.  Emily decided it needed an airplane.  Rachel decided it needed some glasses.  They went on and on… We had a great time.  I think I got their big sister Sarah hooked too, but she has already done clay and is an excellent artist in her own right.  She loves to draw.  -K


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Way Too Easy Autumn Table Runner

I have my grandma’s sideboard in my dining room. I love to decorate it. I think of her and all the family “get togethers” when I do. The day after Halloween I was putting away all the candles I had on it so I could get in the mood for Thanksgiving.

*Side note* I was told by my daughter and her friends that my Halloween display looked like a church in Las Vegas getting ready for a goth wedding with Elvis presiding. Kinda the look I was going for! …right.

Back to Thanksgiving! Since I don’t have any cheesy Fall decorations, I thought I would do something Nana would like. I don’t have much for Fall, but I do have my sewing machine!

 I didn’t do anything fancy to it, I figured I was covering up most of it anyway! I just cut 2 pieces of fabric in a shape I liked and batting to match, sewed around it leaving a place open to turn it inside out, top stitch and it’s done! Why couldn’t I have done this in past years? I don’t know. Anyway, I am ready for the turkey now! My little birdy friends there must have heard we were having corn.  – T

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Polymer Clay Pumpkin Beads

Beads! I love beads! Finding out I could make my own beads in polymer clay pretty much means I will never put the stuff down. I don’t think I will ever get tired of making beads. There are so many options. If I search the internet images I get a visual overload! I don’t do it much anymore, I’m not a strong enough person. So, here I am in my own little world… making pumpkins. 

Just as with any great obsession, I get on a roll and make about a zillion of these at a time.

At least I have my Etsy shop now!

I’m getting the urge to make more beads. Gotta go! – T 

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