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Green Beans and Pink Roses

My oldest son gave his girl a dozen beautiful pink(her fave color) roses and a box of chocolate covered strawberries. He is so lucky she got them, his brother and I love strawberries. Hiding them was a good idea.

The color of the roses are amazing. Notice how they look darker pink on the edges…Hey!

I guess these two are looking for love and adventure! Come on boys…OUT! Veggies aren’t traditionally given for Valentine’s Day… I don’t think. Green beans, you have to keep a watchful eye on them, they are mischievous! – T

Happy Valentine’s Day! – Kelly and Tina




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Gingerbread Heart Cookies

I really didn’t get any gingerbread cookies last Christmas. My daughter made some for her friends(with the help of Betty Crocker) that were yummy! They ate them all. I had one tiny cookie that didn’t pass quality control for aesthetic reasons. It was a whole lot better than the brand I’ve been using the past 100 years. Ok, maybe not that long. I like doing the whole gingerbread house, decorating cookies and even a gingerbread train. The other brand we liked to play with but not eat. After finding out that this years cookies were sooo much better, I went out and bought a couple more packages!

Well, I didn’t get another chance to make more until last week. Plus,  it was my turn to take something to snack on for the quilt guild meeting/event. Perfect excuse.

I couldn’t resist playing with the frosting. – T


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Metallic Steampunk Hearts

I’m over here busy making Steampunk Hearts that, I think, would make Jules Verne proud.

This little swirl stamp is my favorite, it seems to show up in most of my steampunks. Funny, the Swarovski Crystal is clear in color, the sun shine gave it a little pizzazz! 

 I have really been in the heart making mood for a while now. Who knows when I’ll move on to the next exciting thing. Hearts are so cool though. We can make mini art pieces that say a lot about us. There they are smack dab in the core of your body, they hold your secrets, your love, deepest desires… and they pump around our blood to our whole body too!

Awesome! – T


PS. Yup, these are for sale in my Etsy Shop 🙂


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Red Steampunk Polymer Clay

It’s not even January and I’m trying to get a jump on getting my act together. I don’t really get into the New Year’s resolution thing… but… Every year is the same thing. I barely get through Thanksgiving and BAM!! it’s Christmas rush! You know, for how old I am, you would think I would have a clue of how the whole holiday schedule works. So, I decided to not wait until the last-minute, this week I am working on Valentines hearts. Next week, we are coloring eggs for Easter…. no, not really.

I am working on red hearts right now. Some are steampunk, some not. Soon to be for sale in my Etsy shop.

I really like this picture. I bet you can’t guess what this heart is in/on.  – T


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