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The Versatile Blogger Award!


Wow !  Thanks a bunch E.C.  Look what we got a “Versatile Blogger Award”!  That is very nice for you to think of us.  We like making stuff up and posting it for the world to see, or at least those of you who read our blog.

We are supposed to post 7 Random facts about us.

1. I have kissed my cat on the lips.  – Tina

2. I will cry watching sad movies even if they are animated. – Tina

3. I am a chronic license plate reader. It will bug me if I can’t figure that personalized one out. – Tina

4. I Would like to know why people think holding their cell phones away from their ears while driving  think it is using their phone “Hands Free”? – Kelly

5. I sometimes find myself getting excited by thinking I can have certain foods, cus I am now an adult and I don’t have to have my Mom’s permission. – Kelly

6. I grew up in Wyoming.  We all thought it was the Midwest.  But since I move to California, Wyoming is not considered the midwest. – Kelly

7. Blogging helps keep us on our toes! – Kelly and Tina

Thanks for giving us this award E.C.  We appreciate it!

Check out another blog….  We pass the award to:

http://fimofanatic.wordpress.com/  Charlene  A.Therien  Aka:  CAT  She has a very funny blog and links to all her other fabulous sites.


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Getting Ready For Holiday Craft Shows!

I think I have decided that I like fall the best. 

I love thinking about the change in colors and the warm feelings it brings.  But since I live in sunny California I don’t really get to enjoy much of the fall colors unless I am making them myself.  That is exactly what I have been doing this past week.  Making lots of leaves and acorns that I have made pins with and then more leaves that I plan to turn into earrings and necklace pieces.  I really like how they came out.  I used cutters to make most of the leaves. 

Fall Leaf Pin

Tina and I, along with our good friend Marie will be at two sales this weekend.  On Saturday in Ramona:

   MVCC Christmas Bazaar
  Sat, November 13, 2010
  9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
  Mountain View Community ChurchCorner of Hwy 78 and Ash

Then on Sunday Nov. 14th we will be in Poway:

                              Stamping Details
                              14009 Midland Road
                              Poway, CA 92064

Come join us for the fun!  There should be lots of wonderful Handmade items for you.  This will help you get in the mood for your holiday shopping.  We have lots of different items that we will have made.  Maybe you could get one of those cute Penny Rugs Tina makes.  She has the cutest birds made out of clay, as well as material.  I never know what she will dream up next.  I have been making pins for Fall as well as Christmas.  Marie make wonderful Heart pieces.  You can check out her stuff under “Art from the Heart” on the links to the right.  I am sure she will have lots of other stuff she has put her heart into making.  We hope to see you there! -K

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Stars & Stripes Checkers

I finished my checker chips in polymer clay for the red, white and blue penny rug  game board, whew! I was stressing a little about making the stripes all perfectly straight when I noticed the flag waving in the wind across the street. Like everything else I do, I go with the wonky. Only this time it isn’t spooky wonky, it’s waving in the breeze! I am happy with the striped checker pieces, they’re not so stiff and rigid looking.

 I am using Cernit polymer clay for the checkers, I love the gold! I got a bunch of it from The Clay Factory online. They also sell neon, nature colors, metallics and lots of regular colors too. I really like the colors that have little flecks in them like granites and other stones, they’re good for a Wilma Flintstone necklace! The neons are fun for making beads for kids or if you want something with that shock appeal! Why not have fun with your art?! – T


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Red, White & Blue Checkers

Yup, another checkerboard, I’m hooked on making them. It’s been a long time since anyone around here has played a game without batteries. Yet, we have really been enjoying playing with it. My sewing is actually getting better, like lining up all the squares, didn’t you notice? I was going for a look that could be used on a patriotic type holiday. I still need to make the checker pieces, I was just excited to show you. I have so many ideas for more games! I’ll go finish the pieces right now, it’s a lot of work making the checkers the same size…or close. I’ll show you when they’re all done. – T

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Dead Fish, Bats & Spooky Cats: part 3



It is done! Whew, that took a me a while to finally decide the last details.

It sat on the table with only squares and two cats for too long.

It needed more creepy-ness.

I think the stars, moon, spiders and webs did the trick.

The finished size is just shy of 10″ x 18″. That was fun, on to the next one! – T


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Dead Fish, Bats & Spooky Cats: part 2

I am still working on the game board decorations. I do have the game pieces done. I didn’t know if they would stack well so I made a different design on each side of the chip. They both have a bone fish on one side and a bat on the other side. After all that trouble, the stack just fine and it really wasn’t necessary. However, it is fun to choose to be bats or bone fish. – T   She does such great stuff.  My bone fish never looked so cute!  If you can call a bone fish cute?  K

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Dead Fish, Bats & Spooky Cats: part 1

In looking for a project to challenge myself I thought a game board would be fun. Something that I could use wool and polymer clay. Checkers! It’s a fun game, fairly quick and easy to play. Yes, a few more pieces than tic tac toe, but simpler than chess. Sooo… I started on sewing a game board in wool. Hey, this is fun all these little squares. Then about half way through…uh oh. It was a lot harder to keep the squares straight than I thought. That’s how it got to be a Halloween Penny Rug Game Board. I think the wonky-ness adds to the spooky look. OooOOooo….  -T

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Snow Penny Men

I know, I know, it’s way too early to think about Christmas! But why wait until the last minute? These snowmen are going to be ornaments. I think I will add a little holly on his scarf and a gold string for a hanger. These are more like wool poofy pennies, they have a bit of fiberfil stuffing in them. – T


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New Pennies

As mentioned earlier, I have been working on “penny rugs”. They aren’t really rugs and aren’t made of pennies….go figure. They were originally made from pieces of old wool clothing repurposed to make items like doilies, candle mats and other things to protect furniture. They would use coins for templates. Who knows, maybe they did make a few rugs too, I wasn’t there.

Penny rug

 Ok so… back to the future( ooo, I love that movie). I started out making my rugs out of cheapo felt. It works fine and comes in bright colors. I have since fallen in love with working with wool. It feels wonderful and sews smoothly. A lot of the time I was fighting with getting the needle through the craft felt. I am now addicted to wool. I have been doing what ever pops into my head, meaning my designs are originals.

This rug is one I made for Valentines Day. I had it on my dinning table with a glass bowl of candy hearts on it. Bright color and sugar, that’s a winner!

The little guys next to the heart rug are coasters. These are made from wool and are in the “penny” style. I am enjoying this craft “on the go”, it travels well. My rugs or just the pennies have gone to gymnastics, dental appts., doctor visits and generally waiting for the kids anywhere. I haven’t taken them to church, that would probably be frowned on, there are plenty of other places!  – T


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