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No Blank Canvas Tennies Allowed

I was feeling the urge to Zentangle again. This time I thought it would be fun to do a pair of shoes.

 After hitting all the shoe stores around my neighborhood, and not finding a nice cheap pair of white canvas tennies, I decided to check my closet. It figures, there they were. Almost brand new and in my size!


I think, when I do my next pair, I will do smaller patterns. These may have come out this way because I used a fabric marker with a brush tip. It’s all I could find at the store at the time.

Something about white canvas shoes…so clean…begging for a chance to be a work of art! – T


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The Versatile Blogger Award!


Wow !  Thanks a bunch E.C.  Look what we got a “Versatile Blogger Award”!  That is very nice for you to think of us.  We like making stuff up and posting it for the world to see, or at least those of you who read our blog.

We are supposed to post 7 Random facts about us.

1. I have kissed my cat on the lips.  – Tina

2. I will cry watching sad movies even if they are animated. – Tina

3. I am a chronic license plate reader. It will bug me if I can’t figure that personalized one out. – Tina

4. I Would like to know why people think holding their cell phones away from their ears while driving  think it is using their phone “Hands Free”? – Kelly

5. I sometimes find myself getting excited by thinking I can have certain foods, cus I am now an adult and I don’t have to have my Mom’s permission. – Kelly

6. I grew up in Wyoming.  We all thought it was the Midwest.  But since I move to California, Wyoming is not considered the midwest. – Kelly

7. Blogging helps keep us on our toes! – Kelly and Tina

Thanks for giving us this award E.C.  We appreciate it!

Check out another blog….  We pass the award to:

http://fimofanatic.wordpress.com/  Charlene  A.Therien  Aka:  CAT  She has a very funny blog and links to all her other fabulous sites.


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All Zentangled Up And No Place To Go

I’ve been wanting to Zentangle all over a shirt for quite sometime now. Finally the planets were aligned and I got all the stuff together. New t-shirts, fabric markers, designs and most important of all… time.

 Woo Hoo! I could get started. I knew what patterns I wanted, sort of. I was just kinda clueless of what the overall design was going to be.  I went with this…

I just drew some wavy lines and filled in the spaces with Zentangle patterns. It took me about 3 days to do. This is an adult medium t-shirt. No one in my family wears a medium. At first I thought it was going to be for my youngest son. Only I had run out of masculine zens. So I filled in a bunch of the spaces with softer swirlier patterns and figured I would plan out another shirt with a more macho design for him. – T


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Combined Zentangle Pendant 1

This is one of the pendants that I made with the 6 canes that the SDPCG members put together.  I like how it came out.  It is definitely one of a kind.  I might get a pair of matching earring, but that is all.  It gives me a little bit the impression of a pomegranate for some reason. One thing I learned is that it is a good idea to make the initial canes with larger contrasting areas, because they become very small when combined in this manner.  So you get lots of miniature patterns.   I want to do more black and white, but I have some quite colorful canes  started on my workspace today!  -K

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More Zentangle Items

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are a few more things that I have made using the Zentangle cane.  A few of them are made using just my section of the cane so you don’t have all the details.  It is such a fun art form.  I am hooked now I went out and picked up some new pens and a pad so that I can do Zentangle on the plane on the way to go see my daughter.  It is supposed to help you meditate and that will help if we have any bad weather.  I hope you like what you see.  You might get hooked too if you try it in clay or with a pen!  Have fun!  -K

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Zentangle Business Card Holder

Zentangle Cane slices

Here is the business card holder I made using my part of the cane from the group effort of the zentangle cane I showed a week or so ago.  I have been having a bunch of fun making all kind of different things with the cane.  Here you can see I just used two slices of the cane and matched them.  It is applied to a metal card case.  I haven’t decided whether to keep it for myself or give it away…. Hmmmm?   -K


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Just a Doodling Fool

Thanks to my friend Gloria I’ve started doodling again. She shared with me all she knows about Zentangle, the latest new old thing… sort of. Google Zentangle, you will be amazed what can be done with a piece of paper and a Sharpie! A lot of artists are Zentangling on anything they can get ahold of that’s white, or just looks like it needs a little zen!

This is a bucket cover I made out of canvas. Obviously, I couldn’t leave it PLAIN! Before I really checked out the Zentangle sites I found the Mehndi Henna Tattoo Art very interesting and played around with it. I have a scratch pad all doodled up like this. 

Drawing and doodles were my first loves in art. I am really enjoying putting pen/pencil to paper again.

You know, I do drive a white car….  – T

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