Who’s Kelly?

Hi, I am Kelly Steindorf and live in San Diego CA. with my husband Marty and daughter who will soon be leaving for college. I will have more time on my hands to do the art that I so enjoy!  I have done arts and crafts most of my life, starting with beading in grade school. I enjoyed macrame’, drawing and painting. I was introduced to polymer clay through a sculpting artist who did dolls.  That ignited my interest in doing more with the clay. I challenged myself to make a cane going off instinct of what needed to be done to make it look the way I wanted. Although my formal education was in Speech Pathology and Medical training my passion for expressing myself artistically over ruled the schooling. My art background brings an expertise in color blending and drawing to my creations. I have enjoyed adding mixed media to my polymer clay creations. I offer classes in polymer clay for all ages and experience level. I enjoy sharing my passion for the clay with others. – Kelly

2 responses to “Who’s Kelly?

  1. Linda Eggeman

    Will your daughter go to Wyoming to college?

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