Who’s Tina?

Hi, I’m Tina Goodrich an artist in San Diego, Ca. I’m married to my High School sweetheart, Alan. I enjoy being a stay at home mom of three kids. At the moment we only have two cats and that’s enough pets for now.

I have always loved art and crafts growing up and got plenty of encouragement from my family. My Grandmother showed me how to crochet, garden, and tried to teach me how to cook. I learned to sew, cook, be a good and loving wife, mom and friend from my Mom. My Dad showed me how to be responsible and do my best always.

I have always carried a notepad and favorite pencil or pen. I have this need to create everyday. Good thing that includes cooking or my family would probably starve to death. I have never had any formal education like college or special art school. I just have this hunger for learning all things artsy crafty by reading anything I can get my hands on(or at least looking at the pictures) and then doing it! – Tina


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Speckled Chicken
Citrus Summer Bracelet
Dark Amulet Bag Necklace
Pink Baby Bird
Beaded Amulet Bag Necklace
Speckled Chicken
Chicken Sculpture
Sitting Happy Cat Sculpture
Huichol-Style Beaded Box, large
Fish Stic Pen
Octopus Pen
Huichol-Style Beaded Box, medium
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2 responses to “Who’s Tina?

  1. Yay!! This looks great!!

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