A Dragon Bottle

Here’s a Bottle Of Hope I did in 2006. Wow, that’s quite a while ago. I still love making the bottles. Different ones every time. I figure if I can take their mind off where they are for a bit and maybe smile, I did a good job. I like to take my time and put a lot of TLC in making them.

It’s coming up on 7 years since my mom lost her battle with breast cancer. I miss her often. She was my best friend. She loved it when I made her stuff. I guess this is my quiet way of honoring her.

Before the Clay Day coming up I will probably decorate a bunch of bottles ahead of time because I get distracted with everyone around. I like to visit, laugh and generally goof off. So it’s kinda iffy to get much out of me. It will be fun anyway, it always is!

This little guy is holding the bottle this time. Some of the bottles I will cover completely to try to hide the fact that it’s a bottle. I like this dragon he’s from Christi Friesen’s dragon book. Well, I better get busy!  -T



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2 responses to “A Dragon Bottle

  1. I love this little Bottle of Hope… but I love your story more. Your mom would be so proud of you. You are using your talent for a very good cause. What a fitting tribute!

  2. This little guy looks like he is holding on to his baby blanket or something. I love it. I love your story Tina. Thank you for sharing! Your Mother is looking down and smiling! K

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